Importance of Humanities and Arts

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Importanceof Humanities and Arts

Thefields of humanities and arts have always been looked down upon notonly at elementary levels but also in the higher stages of educationin the United States of America. Corporate principles of the learninginstitutions have channeled large sums of money in the direction ofscientific researchers and specialism at the same time emphasizing onemployability as the main purpose of education. Two-thirds of themajors in the USA fall in the fields of business and finance leavingarts and humanities neglected in the overall learning sector (Craig,2014). In this paper, I will focus on the importance of emphasizingon human reason, creativeness, and imaginings among children. It isevident that arts and humanities play a critical role in enhancingthe thinking ability of children, their creativity, and imagination.Undeniably, it is important to teach arts and humanities to children.

Importanceof emphasizing on creativity, reason and imaginations

Currentstatistics clearly shows that the level of creativity and imaginationamong the American children has radically declined when compared toprevious years (Craig, 2014). This has been attributed to the modernera that is possessed with numbers, statistical data, and test marksthat are applied to children in the learning process. The decline hasraised eyebrows on the children`s abilities to invent and sail acrosssituations that are unfamiliar to them. It is necessary for teachersand parents to have a high opinion of children`s point of view toenhance their thinking ability and problem-solving skills. Kids whoenjoy the autonomy of making mistakes, exploring, and experimentingwith are likely to come up with new ideas and find approaches ofdoing things. Creativity among children also plays a pivotal role inthe classroom activities it makes learning interesting and rewardingand gives them the enthusiasm to imagine and learn an aspect thatmay last in their entire life.

Humanitiesand arts enhance imaginations and creativity

Itis clear that creativity and imagination are founded on the obviousthings that are found in arts, humanities, and music. Platforms forinnovativeness among children are as simple as allowing them to makedrawings using crayons on papers, to model a toy or a pot using clayor allowing them to make toys using plastics (Craig, 2014). Youngones who are good at drawing are always fast in reading and graspingmathematical concepts. Selection of individual drawing resourcesempowers them and opens their minds and eyes to the surroundingworld.

Humanitiesbring out the history of different societies and languages,individuals who played significant roles in history and those whomade notable contributions in the various fields. Such stories andliterature make children come up with questions and look for answersthus enhancing their thinking abilities.

Humanitiesand arts are important to children

Artsand humanities play a significant role in the life of children andshould, therefore, be taught throughout their lives. These fieldsenhance their ability to think thoroughly and artistically. They alsoenable children to be evaluative on what is just and fair in theirpractice. It is also through these two dimensions that the culturesand the superior traditions are conserved and sustained inindividuals lives.


Fromthe discussion, it is clear that the fields of humanities and artsare important when it comes to opening up children minds and thinkingability. Consequently, it is important for these fields to be taughtto children throughout their entire learning process.


CraigB. (2014)Outof our minds: Anti-intellectualism and talent development in AmericanSchooling. NewYork: Teachers College Press.

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