If you have difficulty with a particular subject (English, math, reading etc) explain why the subject causes you problems and/ or the effects of having difficulty with that subject Student`s

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Ifyou have difficulty with a particular subject (English, math, readingetc) explain why the subject causes you problems and/ or the effectsof having difficulty with that subject

Ifyou have difficulty with a particular subject (English, math, readingetc) explain why the subject causes you problems and/ or the effectsof having difficulty with that subject

Itis generally accepted that math is one of the most difficult, if notthe most difficult subjects for many students in the history oflearning. Some students treat the math subject with obscurity, oftenshowing little interest, if any. Despite this fact, the significanceof math in the educational and professional life of an individualcannot be overestimated since it plays a bigger role than theapplication of basic numeracy skills. Math is a key vehicle in thedevelopment of the student’s cognitive skills and logical thinking.Other scientific fields of study including engineering, statisticsand physics are based on mathematics, and therefore in order to excelin them, it is necessary to embrace mathematics and make attempts toexcel in it.

Mathis the one subject that I have had difficulty with since joiningschool. From observation and much thought, I have come to therealization that I excel in acquisition of knowledge, but performextremely poorly in the lessons that require high order thinkingskills. However, there is a nagging realization that comes to mymind, often leading to the conclusion that “Ihave a low self esteem that does not allow me to believe in mycapabilities in math”.Due to this attitude, I fail to make attempts aimed at making myselfbetter in the subject since am afraid of trying and failing.

ReasonsWhy the Subject Causes Problems and the Effects of Having Difficultywith It

Oneof the reasons why math causes problems for me is the fact that I donot put extra effort into learning more, often opting to study othersubjects that I excel in including English, history, geography andeconomics. I therefore never seek help when I need it. Earlier inlife, at elementary and high school levels, the teachers were moreattached to students, and often offered assistance to the strugglingones. However, being in college is different because the professorsseldom engage in this kind of interventions often leaving students totake the initiative and seek additional tutorage, a factor that doesnot always work for me.

Ioften lack the drive to practice math and this comes with neglectingmy out of class assignments and putting minimum or no effort into theassignments. During the class sessions, I often think that Iunderstand the problems though I am always proven wrong when Iattempt to solve similar ones. I understand the need to keeppracticing concepts and gain additional experience by exploring indifferent areas, but the lack of drive always causes problems to me.The fact that I fail to practice means that I have insufficient priorknowledge. It is important to note that new math concepts build uponpreviously learned concepts, and this means that I lack previouslylearned concepts to build up on. For instance, Algebra is difficultbecause I lack basic skills of arithmetic required for solvingalgebraic problems.

Theeffect of having difficulty in math is the anxiety that comes withit. This comes from the number of embarrassing experiences I have hadwith teachers, classmates and siblings in the course of my schoollife. To a large extent, this has left me believing that I have adefiency in math ability and does little to improve my performance.


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