How College Education or A Million Dollars Will Provide Lifetime Income

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HowCollege Education or A Million Dollars Will Provide Lifetime Income

Manyfactors interact in the process of wealth creation. To avoid makinglosses, comprehensive knowledge of the investment is paramount.Although a college education is both expensive and time-consuming,studies show that it is still valuable. This is so because itguarantees a steady income and a middle-class status. In theirlifetime, college graduates generate over 70% more revenue comparedto individuals in lower levels (McMahon, 2009). A similar researchalso shows they are happier and confident (Brighouse &amp McPherson,2015). However, a college education does not guarantee a lifetimewealth and therefore, it is necessary to consider investments.

Howto Generate Lifetime Income

Therate of unemployment has been on the rise in the recent years. Manycollege graduates are unable to secure their dream jobs, and thusthey have turned to business ventures. College education provides asteady income. At the age of 65 that is when most employees retire,and hence upon retirement, they enjoy a variety of retirementbenefits (Diamond, 2011). The retirees also enjoy other socialsecurity benefits that support their livelihood (Morris &amp Morris,2004). Business ventures require capital to start up this kind ofinvestment has proven to be the surest means to riches. However, toinitiate and run a successful business venture, one must do athorough calculation of the risks involved. On average, an enterprisethat is deemed to be successfulprovidesthe owner with higher income compared to employment. Businessventures and investment generate returns on a regular basis and thus,if well managed they can guarantee lifetime proceeds (Allen, 2013). Abusiness person must take into consideration relevant factors tominimize loss and avoid bankruptcy. A million dollars can generatelifetime income by investing the amount. For instance, buyingtreasury bonds to earn interest income.


Bothcollege education and business ventures can guarantee lifetimeincome. To pursue either of the two, one must invest time and money.Adequate knowledge and skills are needed to run a successful businessventure. Calculation of risks is paramount to avoid losses. On theother hand, a college education is expensive and time-consuming, butit guarantees a steady flow of income.


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