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HotCoffee Documentary

1.Explaining &quotThink Tanks&quot.

Thinktanks are organizations that make scientific research to produceproofs. In the hot coffee documentary, these organizations are usedto provide scientific tangible facts used in courtrooms. However, inthis case, these organizations are funded by large companies ofdrugs, and oil among others so that they can produce junk science.That way, such companies can tamper with the information produced ina way that there is either altered or limited information released tothe courtroom. In a case of a scandal such groups can go withoutjustice as there is no enough proof that they are guilty. It is saidthat major corporation prefers funding and electing such groupsinstead of supporting scientific groups that will enhance justice inthe courtrooms.

2.&quotGrassroots movement&quot and &quotAstroturf movement&quot

Grassrootsmovement as used in Hot Coffee documentary refers to a group ofUnited States citizens who have the rights to lobby in State matters.Such groups are majorly made of commoners and their motives are clearas they seek to better their state`s matters. They have a right ofopinions and they can support whatever they believe is right as longas they do not interfere with other people`s rights (Hot CoffeeDocumentary, 2011). Their actions are recognized and if possible theycan be given an audience and their opinions should be taken as arepresentation of feelings of the masses. They enjoy maximumprotection by the law and their motives are not questioned as theyare put clear and approved by others.

3.What is the United States Chamber of Commerce? Is it a governmentagency? What is its function?

UnitedStates Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization of businesscorporate owners who are not from the United States but have thepower to lobby government as well as court matters. It is the groupthat funds one of the competitors who was pro-tort reform as thelawsuits were made by the government that supported their individualinterests. The group would act as a grassroots movement so thatpeople would believe that they were genuine citizens of United Statesso that they would enjoy rights of opinion and influence.

Theirinfluential power comes from their economic power and their abilityto assume citizenship identity. Their major function is to fund theteams and individuals who they are sure they can easily manipulate.These groups find favor with top government officials hence safe tocontrol their economy as well as business transactions. Such is thegroup that funds Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diazcompetitor. That way, they help him in campaigning and ruining Diaz`scareer and character since he did not support tort reform.

4.Citizens United vs. FEC&quot and its significance

CitizenUnited vs. Federal Election Commission refers to bodies thatdetermine the elections. Citizen United body advocates for free andfair politicized elections where people vote their preferredcandidates and they can use as much monetary influence as possible.Federal Election Commission has restrictions on monetary support andfew members are supposed to vote. The elections are not politicized.In the hot coffee documentary, the U.S Supreme courts decide to givecorporations the rights to give large campaign contributions.Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission is accused to be aprimary driver of a corrupt election of judges. However, it isdetermined that democracy brings corruption as it allows the judicialsystem to politicize election.


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