History of the Native Americans

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Historyof the Native Americans

Historyof the Native America

NativeAmericans were indigenous to the lands in the modern America. Theyconsisted of numerous tribes and had several remarkable timelines inhistory. Some of the timelines are marked by education, war, andChristianity among others. The terms used to refer to these peoplevary both locally and generationally as many tend to use the termAmerican Indians, and others use the term Aboriginal.

Thegroup endured several wars the 19th century. They were vulnerable toinfluence from other dominating communities who tried to alienatethem with their culture. After the period of struggle, they becameintegrated with the rest of the American society. Religion andeducation were used to enter into the community and orient thechildren to new practices. The era between 1877 and 1932 was markedby education managed by Christian missionaries who imposed practiceson their culture.

TheNative American children were provided with education as a way ofacculturating them to the society (Reyhner &amp Eder, 2015). Thepractice was mainly based on Christian teaching that infiltratedtheir culture. The period was also marked with Christianity wherebythe practices were imposed on the group (Foner, 2013). Themissionaries required the natives to adopt their language and way oflife.

Inspite of the camouflaged intention of the missionaries, theChristianity-bled education proved to be a social trauma to thechildren since they were forbidden to use their native languages. Themissionaries could not educate them past the 6thgrade. Religion and education were used to assimilate the group tothe modern America through dropping their cultural practices.Christianity of this period was not to be admired since it employedforceful tactics and manipulation.


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