Hemodynamics Ultrasound

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Thearterial disorder can occur in the brain a condition referred to ascarotid artery disease. The signs and symptoms include a bruit whichis a whooshing sound heard by the doctor when using a stethoscope toexamine a patient. Patients may also experience the signs ofmini-stroke, like a severe headache that cannot be explained. Aswell, they may be unable to move one or both of their limbs.

Thediagnosis of this disorder depends on the medical history, physicalexam, and the results of the test. The doctor will try to find outthe risk factors that the patient has experienced and the associatedsigns. Physical examinations are done using specialized equipment,like the stethoscope, to test the presence of a bruit. Diagnostictests are also conducted when the patients have signs of a stroke andmini-stroke. The tests include carotid ultrasound, carotid, magneticresonance, and computed tomography angiography (National Heart, Lung,and Blood Institute, 2016).

Whenevaluating the carotid artery stenosis, computed tomographic scanningand magnetic resonance imaging are imperative. The two evaluate thecerebral infarction that is caused by the carotid stenosis. All thediagnostic tests are also applicable to the evaluation process ofthis disorder.

Ultrasoundhas a fundamental role to play in the treatment of this disease. Ituses sound waves to form or create real-time images, especially, atthe back of the neck indicating how the carotid arteries carry bloodto the brain from the heart. Consequently, any blockage in thearteries, which may increase the chances of the patient experiencingstrokes, is detected.

Sonographersexperience some challenges in the course of executing their services.They perform their duties while standing leading to leg and backfatigue. Similarly, this profession is stressful because of thesafety precautions that should be observed for their sake and that ofthe patients.


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