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Healthadministrators must have competent qualities for health facilities torun successfully. Contrary to any other business, health is a subjectof great importance. A good health administrator exudes strong valueson to the organization so as to render excellent services.

Healthadministrators’ are required to have exemplary communicationprowess and relationship management. They relate with different cadrearound the corporation which requires beyond oral skills, having theability to listen attentively, write and present informationeffectively. Health professionals must ensure that each party thatthey are liaising with is bended to the organizational core values.

Ina goal-oriented organization it is only logical that leadership beamong the requisite values which befalls on the health administrator,a good leader should lead by character, approaching the personalneeds of staff creatively, fostering teamwork and encouraging staffto align their needs with the organizational priorities.Professionalism is also a pillar in ensuring that a healthadministrator maintains a steady equanimity when misfortune strikes,executing a respectable and ethical attitude. Moreover,professionalism pertains to a being at par with the current state ofthe healthcare field.

Concretebackground knowledge in the domain of health is paramount to being astandout healthcare administrator. However, end-of-business affairssuch as human resources operations, staff roles and responsibilities,policy and risk management, also relate to the knowledge to beacquired for the smooth running of the organization. The medicalsector is always at a constant oscillation with the current laws suchas insurance, which is dynamic in the running of the institution.Matters relating to finance, payouts, purchasing are to be understoodand executed professionally. Some relations may be solved in relatingto similar problems while others are complex where business skillscome in handy for integrating the organizational performance withhealthcare administration.

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