Health and Disease

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Healthand Disease

Healthand Disease

Questionsto be raised

Disease outbreaks remain to be a crucial health concern. Stakeholdersin the health sector have the mandate always to watch out for thepossibility of a particular disease breaking out and set measures inplace to curb the issue (Tenkate, Fleming, &amp FitzGerald, 2014).The currently perceived flu outbreak negates the need to ask crucialquestions regarding the disease outbreak. The first question to beasked regards the knowledge that the staff have about the vaccine andhow well it can cure the flu. It is essential that when healthcareworkers are being screened for the disease, it should be accurateenough to detect the smallest quantity of the virus in the testsample. Next, it is essential to determine the success of the drugand how best it can contain the flu preventing its dissemination toothers. It should not be one that exposes more healthcare workers toany health risk by failing to curb the flu.

Concernsregarding New Flu Strain

The first concern regards its transmission channels. Under thissection, it could be essential to determine how contagious the newstrain is compared to the previous types. Because the disease isairborne, the chances are that it can quickly spread and infect otherindividuals (Angus, Cairns, Purves, Bryce, MacDonald, &amp Gordon,2013). Next, it is critical to assess the effectiveness ofcontainment measures that are in place to deal with the disease.Moreover, an understanding of symptoms and the complications thatarise when one is affected with the new strain. The impact of thestrain on staff affected would be of critical concern concerningtheir health. Additionally, since it is a communicable disease, thechances are that the clients can be affected if some of the healthcare workers attending to them are infected. Finally, the degree ofpreparedness of the agency in containing the flu.


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