Grand Canyon University

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GrandCanyon University


The (GCU) is a Christian college whose mission isbiblically rooted. The institution accommodates students from diversebackgrounds. Christian values, beliefs, and practices underpin theschool`s vision and mission. GCU believes that the correct doctrineis critical thus, it asserts that foundational beliefs delineateChristianity from other worldviews. The right practice, therefore,should encompass the values that the university advances, in additionto following Christ in a bid to bring to being an active andtransformative living faith for the persons and the community thatthe GCU serves. An analysis of the manner in which the GCU’sChristian heritage separates its academic experience from othernon-faith based institutions is critical.

The believes in the development of a missionalcommunity. A missional community is a gathering of people that unitewith the intention of advancing work that is directed by followingJesus Christ in deed and word, in addition to sharing Christ`s lovegenerously, to all persons that play a part in the existence of thecommunity. All members of the school, therefore, uphold and practicethe same faith. The institution cultivates a culture and missionalcommunity that is welcoming and loving to all people. The students ofthe university, as a result, receive an education that embraceslearning, faith, service and work. This approach is implemented withthe intention of honoring God in all activities that the institutionundertakes.

Ina recap of the above discussion, the (GCU) isa Christian college whose mission is biblically rooted. The schooltrusts that the correct doctrine is critical. Therefore, thefoundational beliefs that delineate Christianity from otherworldviews underpin GCU’s educational culture. The students of theuniversity, consequently, obtain an education that holds learning,faith, service and work, as discussed above.

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