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Teaching, as a practice, involves giving knowledge to individuals whoare ignorant in a certain area of study that is being imparted.Teachers can be persons of any age as long as they have mastered theconcepts in the specified field. However, the fact that one possessesthe comprehension does not necessarily make him a good educator. Myessay will clearly depict what it takes for a person to be aproficient instructor from my learning experience.


Generally, it is believed that a competent educator can be foundeasily. Unfortunately, experienced instructors are rarely found inthe contemporary society. Ideally, most school managers will agreewith me that skillful teachers are a rare gem. Worthy educators canbe recognized by the set of abilities that they are endowed with.

First and foremost, he has to be conversant in the field that he hasmajored in (Benekos, 2016). This does not necessarily imply thatsomebody has to be a specialist, but the required skills should beapt to express the point in manner that is easily understood by thestudents. This is drawn from the principle that men cannotdemonstrate what they are not aware of. In addition, for one to be agood tutor, he should be patient. The individual difference is acommon aspect among students the level of learning among themvaries. In such cases, when the instructor is not patient, he maymisunderstand certain groups of trainees which may bring out hisflaws. Recognizing individual differences enables the educator toaccommodate every individual to the learning environment thusimproving the morale of the learners as they feel appreciated.

Furthermore, he or she must portray an exemplary command of what itmeans to be confident (Benekos, 2016). This does not suggest thatthey are not supposed to concede when they are on the wrong side. Theconfidence of the teacher creates a comfortable atmosphere forlearning to take place. Further, mentorship is also a value exhibitedby exemplary educators. They are always ready to promote optimisticattributes among their learners. Such individuals tend to behave in amature way that draws admiration from the pupils. Regardless oftheir age, they must behave in a responsible way. This value givesthem the ability to observe the emotional changes in the young oneswhich enable them to select or change the teaching techniques toaccomplish the set objectives. A decent sense of hilarity iscritical especially, when there is a need to ease the prevailingtension in the class. When employed appropriately, it promotes aneven flow of the lesson. Qualified educators also have excellentpresentation expertise (Benekos, 2016). They take care of the boththe audio and the visual facets when delivering content to make surethat the lesson is clearly understood and is retained in thelong-term memory to last for a long time.

They are also supposed to show respect (Benekos, 2016), which is atwo-way concept. In cases where the educators exhibit high levels ofregard and maturity, they will be emulated by the learners and thiswill foster mutual understanding between them enhancing the entirelearning practice. Last but not least, he or she should be able toplan well. When a teacher arranges and keeps schedules, it givesstudents time to intellectualize ideas when needed.


Consequently, it is basic for a teacher to possess the qualitiesmentioned above for him or her to be competent. They are not only thecharacteristics of an excellent educator but the basic pointers of anexpert.


Benekos, P. J. (2016). How to be a : Passion, Person, andPedagogy. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 27(2),225-237.

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