Good and Bad Websites

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Goodand Bad Websites

Goodand Bad Websites

Thenumber of people advertising the through the online platform is onthe increase. The choice of a good website design is imperative ingiving the right information and becoming appealing to the targetedaudience. The color, font, lighting, animation, navigation, graphics,background and the content are some of the attributes thatdistinguish bad and good websites.

Exampleof a Bad Website

Blinkee.comis one of the websites without an appealing appearance. The platformpromotes products that blink and glow in darkness (,2015). To deliver the information, the designer used a darkbackground with images of the glowing products. The visuals on thewebsite are too small, and a visitor has to zoom severally to have aclear glimpse of what they entail. The purpose of including theimages of products in the various platforms is to capture theattention of the audience. They should, therefore, be structured tobe legible and appealing to the eye.

Inaddition to the small images, the site is full of animations.Visitors find a website with a few animations appealing. However, is full of animations making the website too busy. Thecolor is a basic factor in a platform. The website has a blackbackground that is meant to reflect the darkness that the companyseeks to eradicate(,2015). Reading texts against a black theme is not appealingespecially if they are dull.

Anotherfeature of that makes the website unappealing is the ineffectivenavigation. The simplicity of accessing additional information iscritical. Most consumers prefer retrieving the data in one pagewithout having to open additional tabs. However, takesone to another window after clicking on the additional descriptionsof a product (, 2015). I consider this as a bother to theclients since they may have to open a dozen pages to access vitalinformation about the products.

However,the websites URL ( short, memorable and descriptive. Consumers can easily recall thename anytime they want access information from the online platform.The company can reduce the blinking in the images to avoid making thewebsite look busy. Also, they should refrain from trying to includeall the products in one page. This can help in increasing the font ofimages and make them legible.

AnExample of a Good Website

Variouscompanies have an upper hand against their competitors through theirresponsive and appealing websites. Marceko Cut and Stew is one suchenterprise. The homepage captures the attention of a visitor by itsgray and black colors (, 2015). The images of threegentlemen from different backgrounds are clear, and one does not haveto zoom to read the intention of the company. Instead of providing awide range of clothes manufactured by the enterprise, the websiteonly samples a few outfits worn by models. I consider this as aproductive strategy since the interested consumers can get an idea ofhow they would appear if they purchased similar outfits.

Besidesthe clear colors and standard font, the website does not containnumerous texts that repel the consumers. Upon clicking on the fewlinks, one gets information about the company and the products itpresents to consumers (, 2015). The background is alsoconsistent with the company products. It resembles the garment usedto make men’s wear. Furthermore, men are known to have a preferencefor neutral colors as seen in the background.

Thewebsite’snavigationis simple, and it leads visitors to the specific information sought. The web designer desisted from using animations on the website andit, therefore, does not look busy or complicated. In addition, thewebsite’s URL ( short and it includes the name of the company. Unlike blinkee.comthat has flashing colors and lights, is relaxed. Thefeature reflects the nature of the company that inclines to thequality of the contemporary trends. For these reasons, I consider itas one of the most effective sites for clothes promotion.Nonetheless, the company should include a navigation panel leadingconsumers to a list or images of other products they manufacture. Thefew ones worn by the models do not give a comprehensive view of theitems. A wide range of products captures clients with differenttastes.

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