God is Sovereign; Humans are Responsible

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Godis Sovereign Humans are Responsible

Godis Sovereign Humans are Responsible

Bydefinition, the term “sovereignty”refersto supreme authority, often exercised by those holding the highestplaces of authority. In earthly realms, these include Monarchs,Presidents, rulers of territories and provinces among others. ToChristians, the meaning takes on a much larger perspective when usedin reference to God, the Creator of the universe. Having created theworld out of nothing, and still sustaining it through His powerfulword, God is clearly the Sovereign King that is above all. Deut10:14“Behold,to the LORD your God belong heaven and the highest heavens, the earthand all that is in it.

Godtakes center-stage in the book of Deuteronomy where Moses foregroundsHis sovereignty when he provides details to the Israelites on howthings are, the way in which the world works and the way in whichthey should live if they are to receive the blessings of God. Deut7:6-8 Deut 10: 17 and Deut 5: 23 prove that God is the highest andmost supreme Lord above all things, Israel as well as the pagannations of the universe. These scriptures go ahead to refutebelieving in false gods. Deut 4:32-40 show that God is capable ofcontrolling all aspects of the universe, including those at apersonal level.

However,despite this ability to control the world due to His sovereignnature, God has also allowed man the free will to choose. Forinstance, in the ten commandments Deut 6: 5, God commands man to loveHim but goes ahead to offer man the freedom to choose to love Himaccording to Deut 30:6. This is a clear indication of the sovereigntyof God to control the human being, though at the same time leavingman absolutely responsible for his actions. Through the Law of Moses,man is supposed to know and love God, as well as understand how tolive in a way that pleases God. Deut 30: 19-20 urges man to chooselife, love God and hold fast onto Him. However, he has been presentedwith a real choice to obey or not. According to the choice they make,they shall receive judgment depending on the righteous or wrongchoice made. Deut 30: 11-18 offers man the freedom to choose betweenrighteous and wrong-doing, clearly outlining the consequences of eachaction. In this scripture, God’s sovereignty and man’sresponsibility are brought out clearly (Thompson, 2014).


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