God is Sovereign and Humans are Responsible

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Godis Sovereign and Humans are Responsible


Thesovereignty of God shows that he is superior to his creation (Boa,2016). This concept is established in the book of Numbers when hedisplays his knowledge and leadership status. He does so byphysically guiding the Israelites or leading them through Moses bygiving him instructions. This is evident when he guides theIsraelites towards the Promised Land. “On the second year after thedeparture of the Israelites from Egypt, in the second day of thesecond month, the cloud lifted from the tabernacle of the covenant,so the Israelites set out from the wilderness of Sinai and traveledon from place to place until the cloud stopped in the desert ofParan. The people set out for the first time following theinstructions God had given Moses” (Numbers. 10:11-13 New LivingTranslation Bible).

Humansare answerable for what they do, and judgment will be passedaccording to their actions (Boa, 2016). Moses and Aaron were directedby God to “speak to the rock,” so that it may “pour its waterout.” This was after the Israelites had complained to the Lord forbringing them to the terrible land. Aaron and Moses called the peopleto a gathering by the rock side, Moses shouted, “Listen, yourebels! Must we bring you water from this rock?” he lifted his armand hit the rock. This was against God’s instructions. God wasdispleased and promised them that, for their disobedience and for notshowing God’s holiness to his people, they will not lead theIsraelites to the land he has promised them (Numbers, 20:5-12). Thepunishment is actualized when Aaron dies at Mount Hor (Numbers,20:24-28 New Living Translation Bible).


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