Genetic Manipulation Interview with Spiritual Leader

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GeneticManipulation Interview with Spiritual Leader

GeneticManipulation Interview with Spiritual Leader


The interview with Fr. Gabriel Konte was conducted on 24thAugust 2016 with regards to genetic manipulation. Fr. Konte is aParish Priest at St. Andrews Cathedral. He is in charge of thecommunity outreach programs aimed at supporting the less fortunate inthe society. Fr. Konte’s worldview is that across the universe,individuals have set goals that each aims at achieving at aparticular time. People focus on what is essential to them and directmuch effort toward the achievement of targets that they have set.However, in the quest to achieve goals that have been set, peopleforget the impact of their actions on others. It is then that thesocietal problems witnessed on a daily basis begin to occur. Fr.Konte illustrates his view on genetic manipulation and why it shouldnot be considered a sin from the spiritual perspective. He reiteratesthat knowledge is God-given, and its use is justified for as long asit serves to protect life. However, he argues that the geneticmanipulation used to transform organisms having a healthy life iswrong. He points out the cloning of human beings asa mistake that should not be tolerated. His personalexperience with genetic manipulation was when he was approached bytwo parents who were lamenting about the worsening condition of their20-year-old daughter diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Doctors were ofthe opinion that gene therapy is employed to help in dealing with theproblem and give the daughter an opportunity to sire children. Fr.Konte admitted to feeling sorry about the situation but acknowledgedthe application of gene manipulation strategies to address thecondition while having faith in God. He identifies with the virtuetheory that acknowledges the need to do the right thing at all times.If the genetic manipulation is conducted for the right reasons, thenit should be permitted.

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