Food Diary Nutrition Analysis

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FoodDiary: Nutrition Analysis

FoodDiary: Nutrition Analysis

Myshort term goals include, to make weekly meal plans and to train atthe gym 5 days of the week for at least an hour. My long term goalsare to achieve the desired weight of 145 pounds by the end of 2016.Additionally, I should consume the proper amounts of food from allthe food groups, so as to maintain the calorie intake of 2,800.

Thereis no history of a particular disease running in my family, however,I have to eat right and workout to protect my body from any lifestyleailments. My mother has a heart disease and this means that there isan increased chance that I might develop it. My parents grew inVietnam and thus their diet, environment and lifestyle was verydifferent from mine, hence my need to observe healthy practice.

Inthe first week, I discovered that I did not have time to prepare agood meal as I was busy in school. Also, I am working on a tightbudget. I had noodles with rice and eggs, for breakfast, which is alot of carbohydrates, a bit of proteins and no vitamins. This diet isbad for me because I get more calories than my body needs. I ingested193 more calories than my body requires. I did not do much physicalactivity except for a daily thirty minutes walk[ CITATION Wal13 l 1033 ].This moderate physical activity will not help me reach my targetweight of 145 pounds, since it does not match my high calorie intake.My eating habits and wanting physical activity were both bad for myhealth, as Ramen noodles are high in saturated fats, sodium andcalories, which put me at a risk of hypertension and kidney injurywhen it is processed. The white rice that I always ate has nonutritional value.

Inthe third week, I made a change, observing a strict diet and workingout regularly. For breakfast, I had two slices of whole grain bread,and two eggs with Starbucks’ tea, later in the morning. I hadslices of apples in caramel dip and spinach, chicken and jasmine ricefor lunch. For dinner I ate cucumbers, asparagus, lettuce, tilapiaand rice. My day ended with milk intake and did I not forget to drinkplenty of water all throughout, at least three bottles. This dietplan was a healthy choice for me since the foods have nutritionalvalue essential for my body. Milk has vitamin D, chicken and tilapiahave proteins that I need to build muscles. Tilapia also gives me theamino-3 fatty acids that my body needs to build brain cellsmembrane[ CITATION Mar11 l 1033 ].Cucumberand lettuce provides the vitamins I need to stay safe from diseases.Asparagus is important in the diet and this is because it has vitaminB, fibers and foliate that helps fight inflammation. My calorie limitwas 2800 but I had only consumed 1915 hence I will need to add snacksin between meals to make up for the 885 calories that I still needed.My physical activity involved running for two miles, pushups, sit upsand crunches. All these helped me to replace fat with muscle mass,that I need in gaining weight.

Afterthe seventh week, I was getting closer to my target weight of 145pounds. Furthermore, I have been taking the right quantity offruits, vegetables, dairy and grains, according to theDepartmentof Agriculture nutritional intake guidelines[ CITATION Mar10 l 1033 ].

Thetwo things that I have learnt in this assignment, is the need to makea plan, and also to keep records that will significantly assist tomake out the progress through time.


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