Explanation for Poor Performance

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Explanationfor Poor Performance

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Explanationfor Poor Performance


Mysuspension from the university due to my poor performance inflictedin me a lot of sadness. The decision came after I performed poorly inmy online courses of D21 and MSU. However, I would like to try toexplain myself out and clarify the conditions and situations thatcontributed to my poor performance. In the time that I traveled toChina, I was not acutely aware of any restrictions on the networkaccess that the country had.

WhenI arrived in China for the summer break, I was optimistic that Icould continue to access my classes and complete my assignments inthese online classes. However, to my surprise, I could neither loginto the D21 nor MSU websites, not even the emails. I thought it wasdue to my faulty internet connections, but then I found out that Icould access some other sites except GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, D2L WEBSITEAND MSU STUINFO WEBSITE. It was later on that I realized that theChinese authorities had imposed regulations on foreign networks dueto national security reasons.

Imade some efforts to drop the online courses but unfortunately, Icould not access the relevant school websites. I decided to seek theaid of a colleague to call the institution on my behalf, but theuniversity declined because I should have asked in person. Therefore,despite the fact that I paid my tuition, I did not even start thecourses.


Dueto these events, I thought it would be wise to change my course ifpossible and pursue only the courses which I am more interested in.One mistake I will not be committing again is selecting an onlinecourse because it has proven to me to have many shortcomings such aslack of access to those websites in some countries. After consultingmy academic advisor, I came to realize that my interest was inphysics as I had pursued several subjects before which did not catchmy interest as physics. I concluded that I would change my major frombusiness to physics.

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