Experiences of Writing a Research Paper

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Experiencesof Writing a Research Paper

Experiencesof Writing a Research Paper

BeforeI began conducting research for my undergraduate paper the previoustime, I thought it would be easy such that I could complete it in amaximum of three days. As a result, I procrastinated commencing onthe research until the presentation of the paper was due in one week.I intended my research to focus on the topic, “How a SecondLanguage Improves Cognitive Ability in Autistic People (Borreli,2015).” However, I discovered that the topic was very broad. Ineeded to make it narrower so that I could address the problemadequately. Consequently, I changed the subject to, “How a SecondLanguage Improves Cognitive Ability in Autistic Teenagers.”Moreover, I discovered that I needed permission to interview or evenaccess the medical information of potential patients. However, mylimited schedule could not allow me to interview more than threepatients since acquiring the required permissions involved goingthrough several bureaucracies. The inconvenience made me learn thesignificance of beginning a research early so I can have adequatetime for preparation, especially when I am planning to interview therespondents.

Ialso learned that the research process is a tedious and costlyactivity, particularly, when you choose a complicated topic. Findingsuitable respondents for my interview was hard, but I had not thoughtabout it when I selected the matter. I had prepared and printedquestionnaires, and then sent them to various children departments,as well as visited different hospitals that offer autistic medicalcare. Nonetheless, none of the respondents I gave the writtenquestionnaires replied. In one case, a guardian of a child I proposedto interview demanded that I should pay to talk his daughter. As aprofessional researcher, I refused to comply with his requirements.Subsequently, he declined to allow me to interview his child.

Myexperiences taught me the importance of starting the research earlyso I can have time to respond to unprecedented complications. Forexample, if I had time, I could have contacted more parents withautistic children ,who speak a second language. In addition, I couldalso have sought the opinion of an experienced individual in thefield such as a psychologist.

Theincident is essential in my current research because I intend tobegin early. Furthermore, I am planning to involve my instructor ateach stage to avoid missing some vital concepts. For yourinformation, I failed in my last research process because it did notmeet the set standard. I blame myself because I neither soughtpeer-review nor contacted my tutor to check if I was heading towardsthe right direction. This time, I will establish peer networks sothat they can help me to avoid going astray during informationgathering. Furthermore, I had challenges finding prospectiverespondents for my study the last time. I am planning to choose asimple topic that I can easily find suitable candidates who arewilling to share their information. In particular, I intend to focuson the topic, “Does Education on Contraceptives Increase Incidencesof Sexually Transmitted Infections among the Teenagers in the U.S?”

Iam intrigued by the topic of adolescents and the use ofcontraceptives because it is a controversial topic that has beenassociated with the escalating issues of premarital sex and thespread of venereal diseases. According to University of Nottingham(2011), teenagers are often have unprotected sex with the hope ofpreventing unwanted pregnancies using the morning after pills. Thehabit makes them vulnerable to chronic sexually transmittedinfections (STIs) such as HIV/AIDS.

Nonetheless,I intend to reach an objective reasoning to teenagers, who aresuffering from the condition. Amu and Adegun (2015) provide that 20%of youths in Western Nigeria are HIV/AIDS carriers. The researchersattribute the high prevalence of the infection to lack of informationregarding protective contractive such as latex condoms. Furthermore,the teenagers with information regarding the protective methods donot have access to the materials. My research will seek to establishwhether the family planning methods available are contributing to theincreased number of teenagers with STIs in the U.S.


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