Equality for All

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Equalityfor All

Isit possible to establish a society in which there is nostratification based on class?

Socialstratification refers to the ranking of groups of people in thesociety based on education, power, economic status, and economicprestige. Currently, people are classified into three categoriesnamely the upper, lower, and middle classes. It is not possible toestablish a society without social stratification because it preventsthe low ranking people from sabotaging or attacking people fromhigher classes. As a result, classification maintains social order,creates roles, and ensures the selection of the most suitable peopleto execute the duties.

Stratificationsin the society encourage individuals to work hard in the careers andinvest more time and resources in skill acquisition and education toadvance to a higher social class. Ranks and roles in the society areclassified according to their importance and merit as a result,social class plays a crucial role in ensuring that the most qualifiedpeople fill positions (Saunders, 2001). Social classes enhance thecontinuity of the society as the right people handle vital roles.Even the most complex cultures appreciate and differentiate peoplebased on their importance and prestige.

Thecontemporary society seeks to reduce social stratifications througheducation and income equality. Governments have enacted policies thatwill reduce inequalities and poverty hence gets rid of socialclasses. However, with increased industrialization, the working classhas little political influence while the industrial workers have lessprotection from companies resulting in economic differences (Kerbo,2006). Inequalities in job allocations and education result inreemergence of poverty and social stratification. People with highereducation level, political status and economic power tend to lookdown upon those below them.

Inconclusion, it is not possible to establish a society without socialstratification because it enhances the continuity of the society byensuring the most qualified people carry out their roles. Socialclasses enhance law and order among people and enhance the smoothrunning of communal affairs.


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