Employee Relations

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Employee relations (ER) programs aim to enhance the productivity ofworkers through various means such as workplace policies andprocedures, organizational climate, and programs designed toencourage retention and build morale (Reed &amp Bogardus, 2012).Besides, an employer can create a more positive culture throughseveral methods. Firstly, employee involvement strategies could beused whereby suggestion boxes are provided to collect feedback (Reed&amp Bogardus, 2012). Delegation of authority could also be used tocreate a taskforce or committee within the organization. Secondly, anemployer can enhance communication with employees through theadoption of an open-door policy (Reed &amp Bogardus, 2012). In thisregard, a brown-bag lunch program could be organized to ensure that asenior manager holds informal meetings with some employees.Furthermore, an effective ER program allows for employee feedbackthrough surveys and focus groups (Reed &amp Bogardus, 2012).Managers could also use skip-level interviews to determine theemployee’s career goals and job satisfaction.

Mediation refers to the process whereby an objective third party isused to control the negotiation process between feuding parties. Theindividuals in the case can only attain a resolution once all sidesagree. On the other hand, arbitration refers to where the partiesprovide testimony to back their case. Appropriate evidence is alsopresented to substantiate any claims. Arbitration involves extendedproceedings similar to a court trial. In this regard, the parties inthe case can deliver their arguments sequentially. The grievant wasdischarged for just cause due to negligence. If the union is right toclaim poor performance, then there should be mediation proceedings todetermine the compensation due to the employee. Some of the unionavoidance strategies include employee participation, good work termsand conditions, and training programs.


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