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The use oftechnology in the workplace has been deemed to have a range ofbenefits. In most instances, the primary objectives of theorganizations are met when technology is integrated into the process(Mouza &amp Lavigne, 2013). There are various positive costimplications that arise as a result of the use of advanced technologywithin a given framework of operations. In this case, the paperidentifies an emerging technology in the education sector andhighlights the ways through which it can actually be implemented.Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of the new process are alsodiscussed in the paper.

The learningprocess has undergone massive transformations over the years. Mobilelearning is one such technology that has been integrated into thelearning environment. Projections by experts indicate that before theend of 2016, the mobile market will be composed of approximately 7billion accounts. This is an equivalent of 3.4 billion users or anequivalent of half of the world’s population.

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With time, thedesktop traffic is set to be overtaken by that of the laptops andiPads. Currently, education apps are the second most downloaded oniTunes. They have surpassed all forms of entertainment and businessdownloads and popularity.

In a workingenvironment that includes teachers, mobile learning platforms can beutilized in various ways. There are numerous examples where mobilelearning has proven to be effective for the students (Mouza &ampLavigne, 2013). Case in point, students in the fourth year at St.Leonard’s college in Australia are allowed to use mobile apps inthe math classes. The e-textbooks enable them to gain access to studyguides. On the other hand, learners at Institut International deLancy set the stage for the use of technology in developing music.The institution, located in Switzerland created of the institution`sfirst iPad Orchestra. Such gadgets have provided an opportunity forstudents with no background in musical training to be able toactively participate in the classroom through the creation of music.The use of technology in the education sector goes beyond thecompound subjects. Storytelling has been enhanced through the use ofapplications that are available via iOS mobile devices. This is thecase at Ringwood North Primary School in Australia where the studentsparticipated in the “Epic Citadel Challenge.” The joint effortsof the students and the teachers culminated in the creation of adigital story based on a particular environment.

Mobile learninghas various advantages to the learners and their tutors. The use ofthis technology ensures that the students have access to informationthat can be utilized in the classroom (Mouza &amp Lavigne, 2013).Additionally, the learning process is simplified through the use ofadvanced gadgets that were not previously available to the learners.As such, the students and the teachers are motivated to achieve thedesirable targets in education. On the other hand, there are variousdisadvantages of using mobile learning. Most of the students becomelazy since they do not have to go to the library and read onparticular topics. The iPads used for such lessons may also bemisused by the students if they are not closely monitored by adults(Mouza &amp Lavigne, 2013).


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