Elements of Drama Characterization

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Elementsof Drama: Characterization

Theplay introduces Helmer in his first words of reference to his wife,Nora. He uses clunky terminologies to refer to his wife who perfectlyunderstands his language. She, in turn, responds in a jovial mood.Helmer is a husband and a father of three. He is the provider for hisfamily. Helmer has been promoted to the rank of a bank manager, whichis to be effective from the New Year (Ibsen and Worrall, 2008).

Inthe first scene of the play, Helmer is portrayed as sarcastic. Hedoes not confront his wife directly with issues. However, he blanketshis words in a rather indirect form, keen not to let any offensiveword slide from his tongue. He has a problem with the spendingcharacter of his wife, yet he jokingly mentions it to her(Ibsen andWorrall, 2008). Helmer is expressed as understanding because despitehis wife being a spendthrift, he still gives her money to makearrangements for the requirements of the household (Ibsen and et al.,1973).

Evidently,Helmer is financially capable because the description of his familyfits the circumstances of a person of abundant financial abilities.He has a maid and a nurse who takes care of the children. It is worthnoting that Helmer exhibits a mean character as arises from hisconversation with his wife. He complains of the manner in which hismoney is used quite painfully hinting that if it were his way then,he would squeeze on the house expense (Ibsen and et al., 1973).

Onthe other hand, he appreciates accountability. He asks to be informedof how the money he gives has been spent (Ibsen and Worrall, 2008).

Helmer,even at the end of the play is the same person and has not changed atall, causing a disagreement between him and Nora. Nora says they havenever had a serious talk before in their marriage. He seems to bedomineering and authoritative that it chokes Nora. Therefore, shedecides to walk out of their marriage (Ibsen and et al., 1973).


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