Drake’s Summer 16 Tour

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Drake’sSummer 16 Tour


Drake’sSummer 16 Tour

Bornin 1986 to Dennis Graham, an African American and Sandi Graham, awhite Jewish Canadian, Aubrey Drake Graham, commonly known as Drake,is a singer, record producer, actor, and songwriter (Azzarelli,2013). In the early 2000s, Drake got recognition in the drama seriesknown as “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. Intent on becoming arapper, he left the drama series and released his mix tape “Roomfor Improvement” in 2007. After releasing the mix tape, he went onto sing to Young Money in 2009. In 2010, he released his album “ThankMe Later”. The album ended up in the United States Billboard 200.His other two releases, “Take care” in 2011 and “Nothing wasthe same” in 2013 became a worldwide success with a Grammy Awardfor the best rap album in the United States.

In2015, Drake went on to release a successful mix tape in the UnitedStates, such as “What a time to be alive”. His fourth album,“Views”, which was released in 2016, went on to break many chartrecords, enjoying popularity in the Billboard 200 for almost tenweeks. In addition to the Grammy Award, Drake has also gotten BET andJuno award. Apart from his music career, he owns a clothing line andacts as the international ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, an NBAfranchise. Drake’s accomplishments in the music industry made mewant to listen to his music and experience him perform live in amusic concert. Therefore, I made it a point and went to his summersixteen tour launch concert in Austin.

WhenI went to the summer sixteen tour launch concert in Austin, I metother Drake’s fans, who as me, were eager to be entertained. WhenDrake came to the stage and started to sing, I was excited to a pointthat I found myself dancing. The rhythm and flow of the music rarelydipped long enough for me to stop dancing. His dancing movements werefierce as he constantly challenged the audience to keep up with hisnon-stop songs: The Catch up Miss Me No Lie Over Versace I’mOn One and 6 God among other songs. He briefly slowed down with afew slow jams, such as Faithful, Come and See Me, and Fire andDesire, where he showed the audience his worth as an R and Bmusician.

Thestage in the summer sixteen tour launch concert in Austin removed anynotion of the stage swallowing Drake. The platform was loaded withhuge LED screens that constantly fell and rose around him, filling upthe empty spaces in the stage. This made it easier for me and otheraudiences in the 17,000 capacity concert arena see him performbecause I was not near the stage. Most impressive of all was manycanopies of glowing balloons that were suspended by invisiblestrings. These canopies of glowing balloons would rise, fall, androtate continuously in varied patterns and colors throughout theentire duration of the concert. I felt that the concept was geniusbecause the canopies of glowing balloons in the concert arena bridgedthe void between the audience and Drake, making the experience feelincredibly intimate. Whoever came up with the concept deserves anaward. I would say that the concept was more extraordinary than KanyeWest’s or Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour concert.

Drakedeserves the same credit as other musicians, such as Kanye West andBeyoncé, for making the effort to get the best conceptualizers forhis concert. And for all his egotistic lyrical boasts, the musiciangets praise for using his concert to deliver a message while at thesame time making sure that the fans know that he discerns that he isnothing without their support. This is evident from what he told theaudience before bringing the concert to an end with a sing-along“Legend”. He told the audience that they could change their livesor that of other people and stop the nonsense. In addition, he toldthe audience that he would be happy to entertain them again inanother music concert. He pleaded with the audience not to leave himbecause he was working on a new album that people from Austin, Texaswould want to hear.

Lastly,he told the audience, “I love you more than you’ll ever know”.When he said this, the audience started shouting and clapping. One ofDrake’s fans in the audience told me that he felt that this concertwas the best he had ever attended. Another woman voiced the sameopinion. I am inclined to say that I agree with them because after hesaid that he loved us, I felt that I was appreciated for coming tohis entertaining concert. Even though in the summer sixteen tourDrake promised that the next concert would be a party of a lifetime,I would want him to work extremely hard so that the next concert iseven better.


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