Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Application Essay

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Doctorof Pharmacy Degree Application Essay

Pharmacyis the most intriguing profession in our world today. I consider itexhilarating because it is a continuously changing field. Moreover, Ibelieve that pharmacy is a fascinating career for the wide variety ofopenings it rewards. Holding such a multipurpose degree as a doctorof pharmacy, I am assured that the prospects of my future will beelectrifying. Nonetheless, I believe that before I consider a careerin the field of pharmacy, I must examine my drives. My interest inpharmacy stems from my childhood yearning to be extremelyknowledgeable in the different fields relating to health care. I havealways harbored a deep desire to gain extensive knowledge of healthsciences so that I can be at the center of improving the health ofother people. This way, I will be in a position to experience a morefulfilling career because I will be making positive changes in thelives of others every day.

Myfirst inclinations towards becoming a pharmaceutical professionalstarted when I was very young. Growing up, there was this clinic mymother used to take me to each time I needed medical care. On everyvisit, there was a lady who was always there to cater to my needs.She was warm, welcoming, caring, and reassuring because she alwaystold me that everything was going to be okay. True to her words, Ialways got better after taking the medications she had given me. Iwas so overwhelmed by the “miraculous” power of this awesomelady. One day, I couldn’t help asking her: “Whatwill it take to be just like you?”She smiled and then said: “Well,son, you have to shine in your studies particularly in sciences andmathematics”.

Justlike that, I set my focus on becoming an academic giant. Therefore, Ihave been tirelessly working hard throughout my academic journey fromkindergarten. Because of my good grades, I managed to secure a slotin university where I graduated with an undergraduate degree inpharmacy. Currently, I am a senior pharmacy technician at ManchesterMemorial Hospital. I have more than ten years of experience in boththe retail and hospital settings. I have to mention that I adoreworking in both settings because I have fruitfully applied mypharmaceutical knowledge to make a positive change in the lives ofothers. Nevertheless, I am planning on expanding my proficiency bypursuing a doctor of pharmacy degree in your institution.

Tosay the least, I am confident that a doctor of pharmacy degreedirectly relates to my immediate and long term professional goals. AsI had said earlier, pharmacy is a constantly changing career.Therefore, the chance of pursuing a doctorate degree of pharmacy inyour institution will give me the platform to learn new andvalue-added pharmaceutical skills. These newly acquired skills willfulfill my immediate professional goal of improving the quality ofmedical care I give my patients at my current or future places ofwork. Thanks to the versatility of a doctorate degree, I am sure thatI can achieve my long term professional goal of becoming a researcherin an internationally renowned drug research and developmentfacility.

Equippedwith your institution’s doctorate degree, I will be fit to employmy pharmaceutical proficiency in conducting studies on the remediesto some of the 21stcentury ailments that “seem” to have no apparent cure. I viewthis as an opportunity for me to intervene because I know I can makea noteworthy impact in the future of pharmacy as a career once Iobtain your institution’s doctor of pharmacy degree. I have alwaysrealized my potential in life academically. My accreditation withyour institution’s doctorate degree of pharmacy will definitelyhave a positive impact on the universe. I hereby submit myapplication to join your institution to study a doctor of pharmacydegree. Consideration of my application will be highly esteemed.

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