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DiscussionBoard Replies

Feedbackto Animal-assisted therapy

Itis evident that there has been a mutual bond between animals and mansince the advent of civilization. This bond has always beenharnessed by man to bring about comfort and relieving those who aregoing through physical and mental complications. The American HumaneAssociation has been at the forefront in the exploration of thehealing and the knowledge relationship that sprouts from therelationship. Studies have shown that this form of therapy issignificant among children who have been neglected or abused in thepast, individuals on chemotherapy, and soldiers who are struggling tohandle their lives after a war (Kelly 421). From your presentation, Ihave learned how this therapy can be used to improve socializationand the mental health of individuals.

Feedbackto Readmission rates presentation

Studieshave shown that health care institutions are in the quest to enhancethe experiences of the patients to curb the readmissions rates. Thestudies assert that compliance to the stipulated standards andeffective communication between the physicians and patients couldreduce the readmission rates by 5%. This means to eliminate cases ofreadmission, the quality of care need to be enhanced. Yourpresentation is exhaustively touching on this aspect and one candeduce the interventions put in place and the outcome.


Kelly,Melissa A. &quotHelping At-Risk Youth Overcome Trauma and SubstanceAbuse through Animal-Assisted Therapy.&quot ContemporaryJustice Review18.4 (2015): 421-434. AcademicSearch Premier.Web. 12 Aug. 2016.

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