Disaster mitigation program

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Federal funding should be independent of disasters like in the caseof pre-disaster mitigation (PDM) program. PDM program is considereduseful since its objective is to implement hazard reduction measuresbefore the disaster occurrence. It significantly reduces the impactof a catastrophe in case it occurred. Through PDM, the destruction ofproperty and loss of lives is minimized. Disaster-independentfinancing by the federal government ensures continuity of themitigation programs. Therefore, the society is always prepared in theevent of a disaster occurrence. The hazard mitigation grant program(HMG) is disaster-dependent and is likely to face challenges. Thisfunding is requested when the state, local and tribal governments arenot able to manage the disaster. The application of funding for HGMis a process which takes time and therefore, is associated withincreased damage to structures and loss of lives (McCarthy F. 2011).

Hazard specific grant program has various advantages. The program hasimproved the scientific basis for understanding the causes andeffects of hazard-specific programs like the National EarthquakeHazards Reduction Program (NEHRP). It increases the speed oftranslating scientific understanding into mitigation practices. Sincesuch program is intensive in nature, various aspects of the disasterthat are important in developing mitigation measures are uncovered.Implementation of disaster-specific grant programs such as the NEHRPis associated with risk reduction of loss, destruction and disruptionfrom other natural disasters and manmade hazards. However, lack ofcoordination with other programs is a disadvantage of hazard-specificprograms. Coordination is essential since it equips a given programwith knowledge about its effects on other programs. Therefore, lackof coordination is associated with limited knowledge on a broaderapproach to mitigate a particular hazard.


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