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DevelopYour Strategy

Technologyconsultancy firms are taking important positions, in the current ageof globalization, since businesses have the need of knowing thetechnology that they need to apply so as to attain certain goals(Westerman et al., 2014). Apart from firms, individuals also requireto have an understanding of technology and its application. Thefollowing would be the flowchart for the activities that would beperformed during each stage in the planning process for the newconsulting firm

Short-Term Goals

Open two branches within two years

Grow revenues by 40% within two years

Grow customers to 100 within the first year

Mission: To provide technology expansion advice to all customers

Vision: To be the best technology solution provider for businesses

Long-Term Strategic Objectives

Financial: To grow the revenues of the business

Customer: To ensure customer are satisfied with the services that they receive

Operation Excellence: To provide the best services that match the client’s needs

People: To reach a big number of people within the shortest time and establish good relationship with them

SWOT Analysis

  1. Strengths

Owners have broad knowledge in technology

Strong management and organizational skills

Ability to offer quality services

  1. Weaknesses

Strong Competition and little finances

  1. Opportunities

Availability of customers in need of the services, which may give thriving chance

  1. Threats

Stiff rivalry may lead to closure of business

Action Plan:

The business will carry out a survey of customers in the area so as to establish their needs

The entity will employ and train individuals that have knowledge in the area of technology so as to ensure best customer services also, incentives would be provided to ensure they have morale

The firm will notify customers about their services through printing and distributing leaflets


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