Designing a Study

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Designinga Study

Designinga Study

Impactof Adequate Nurse Staffing on Reduction of Patient Falls

Patient falls in hospital set ups continues to be a problem owing tothe danger it exposes those affected. Various factors have beenlinked to the high number of patient falls in hospitals (Yates &ampCreech Tart, 2012). However, research on the effect of staffing onpatient falls has not been extensively done. An understanding of theconcept would be helpful in providing direction into the best way ofaddressing the issue of patient falls (Kalisch, Tschannen, &ampLee, 2011).


An increasingnumber of nurses does not reduce cases of patient falls in hospitals.


Increasing thenumber of nurses reduces the incidences of patient falls inhospitals.


The independentvariable is the number of staff in the hospital available to monitorthe patients.


The number ofpatients who suffer from a fall.


Thenon-parametric test to be used in accepting or rejecting thehypothesis is chi-square.

Descriptionof how to use chi-square test

The Chi-squaretest helps measure the goodness of fit (Cousins, 2010). In atypical situation, it is expected that a high number of nurses wouldassist in reducing cases of patient falls. However, in differentscenarios, this is not always the case. A hospital can have muchstaff but still experience increased cases of patient falls.

Using theformula

It would bepossible to determine whether the observed scenario was indeed whatwas expected. The number of patients who fall will be recorded andthe same compared with the number of nurses available for duty. Thevalues would be recorded and used for computation. The value derivedwould help in the confirmation or rejection of the hypothesis.


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