Customer Service Process

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CustomerService Process

CustomerService Process

Aneffective customer service is vital to any corporation. It helps inconnecting a client to the organization. Apart from that, it providesan avenue for new customers to know the company. In that regard, theservice must be up to the required standards. As entailed in the caseof consideration, Orbitz has a well-structured customer service. Thefact that Orbitz had never made a mistake contributed to Mr. Parton’sfavorable experience. Ever since he started using the company to bookflights, it had never erred. Furthermore, Mr. Paton was a frequentuser of Orbitz’s services. According to him, the website was easyto navigate, and the fares were favorable.

Orbitz’scustomer service embraces simplicity. Availability of appropriateinformation that is easy to read highlights the simplicity aspect.Mr. Paton accessed the required information with ease. He was alsoenthused by the department since it was available seven days a weekand 24 hours a day. In other words, it was ever available. Therefore,a person needing service at odd hours would still be attended.

Apartfrom that, the voicemail system was quite efficient and easy to use.Unlike other voicemail systems which Mr. Paton hated, Orbitz’ssystem was rather painless. Another feature that led to a favorableservice experience is the time taken to answer the call. Mr. Paton’scall was answered within a minute. Some corporations take too long torespond to a customer’s call. The treatment Mr. Paton received wasalso world-class. She was handled courteously and given appropriatedirections. In the end, Mr. Paton was satisfied with the service. Thecompany’s move to send a letter also heightened its status. Theyapologized and offered discounts. In general, Orbitz’s service wasfavorable from the onset to the end. A customer could be guidedwithout delays any time of the day.

Theabove case provides some lessons to organizations. Simplicity is onekey facet that attracts customers. Customers should be able to accessauthorized information with ease. In that regard, the website shouldnot be too complex to access since it irritates the customers. Theaim of developing a website is to attract more clients. Therefore,complicating the site impacts negatively on the loyal as well as newcustomers. Another crucial aspect is efficiency. Efficacy is a broadsubject, and a company should address all its elements. For instance,limiting delays. A customer should not be kept waiting on the phoneto get assistance. Taking more than a minute or two irritates them.Etiquette is also key to maintaining a favorable customer service.Clients should be handled well even under adverse situations. Forexample, if the buyer is harsh, customer care operators must handlehim/her calmly.

Designinga quality customer service process is not a simple task. With theever growing technology, perpetrators are also on the rise. Hackersaccess unauthorized information and impersonate innocent individuals.In that regard, some organizations have to design sophisticatedcustomer service to avoid impersonation. Economic espionage is alsoon the rise hence people resort to making their systems complex.Another challenge entails capacity. Some organizations areoverwhelmed by their client base. They lack enough infrastructure tohandle their customers. As a result, their customer service is slowprompting delays. Another common challenge is the language barrier.Due to the diverse cultures, clients can originate from differentcultural backgrounds. Such a restriction is detrimental to thecommunication system which is crucial to the customer serviceprocess.


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