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Collegecurriculum is understood in different dimensions depending on variousinstutions.However, most people connote it as experiences or a set ofcourses needed for learners to complete a college degree. Othersdefine curriculum as the total number of courses offered by a collegeor a set of courses that learners should take. In a broader waycurriculum can be defined as an academic plan that is implemented inpolitical, social and historical settings.

Thealtering of the curriculum and curriculum choices will have severaleffects to me as college student. Principally, it will have anyeffect on my attitude towards learning. This is because my goals andexpectations will have to change as a result of the curriculumchoices in the next four years. One of the principle elements of anacademic plan is the purpose (Lattuca, Stark, 2011). In this case,the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be acquired and learnt by astudent are established. This means that the curriculum choices willhave an impact on the knowledge I will acquire in the course oflearning.

Instructionalprocesses and the content are also salient elements for developing anacademic plan. However, they are determined by the curriculum choicesan individual makes. Therefore, the curriculum may affect thematerials that I will use in the learning process. Moreover, theactivities that should be done in the course of learning will beaffected by the curriculum. This is because the activities carriedout by a learner are determined by the curriculum choices anindividual makes (Lattuca, Stark, 2011).

Understandingly,the sequence in which I carry out my learning process will be definedby the curriculum decisions. This is because a curriculum spells outhow the subject matter and exposure needed for the outcome oflearners to be achieved (Lattuca, Stark, 2011). In addition, thecourse listings and calendars will be ascertained by the curriculumchoices .This implies that the number of credits that are requiredfor me to graduate will differ depending on the curriculum decisions.

Dueto the fact that college graduates are actively involved in civil,political and social aspects, it is imperative to state that thecurriculum choices one makes while in college have an impact on howthe person participates in various activities. This implies that thecurriculum will have an impact on how I interact with people aftergraduating from college. Summarily, curriculum choices havesubstantial impacts on a learner and therefore students andcurriculum implementers should make the choices while considering theeffects of the decisions they make.


1:Which other dimensions can curriculum be defined apart from theacademic plan?

2:What should learning institutions do to avoid confining themselves towhat they know how to do in terms of curriculum implementation?

3:Which efforts can colleges make in order to shape the environment inwhich the learners live?


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