Current Health Problems facing the Hispanics in the United States

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Current HealthProblems facing the Hispanics in the United States

The mostcommon health practice of the Hispanics in America is the use oftraditional remedies in addition to the Western medicine. One ofthese traditional remedies is drinking spiced or herbal tea. The useof folk medicine is prevalent, especially among the first-generationHispanics (Kesler, et al., 2015). Folk medicine involves the use ofplants and herbs to treat certain diseases. Religion and culture play a major role in influencing the Hispanics view of certainailments.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2015),the likelihood of Hispanics dying from liver diseases or diabetes isapproximately 50% higher compared to whites. The high diabetes rateamong Hispanics has been attributed to their overweight condition.The likelihood of Hispanics being obese or overweight was 1.2 timeshigher than non-Hispanic whites in 2009(Ickes &amp Sharma, 2012). According to Ickes&amp Sharma (2012), 73% of Hispanic women areoverweight or obese compared to 61.6% of the general femalepopulation.The high prevalence of obesity among Hispanic is as a result of theirlack of physical exercises. 37% of Hispanics reportednot engaging in any physical activity compared to whites (22%) andblack (33%)(Ickes &amp Sharma, 2012). Additionally, the Hispanicsrate of chronic malnutrition is higher compared to that of the otherraces in America. In their study, Iriart,et al., (2013) found the proportion of Hispanicschildren experiencing stunted growth to be 6.1%, while that of thenon-Hispanics was 2.6%. The other health problem of the Hispanics inAmerica is the widespread smoking however, the prevalence of thisbehavior varies depending on several factors. For example, the Centerfor Disease Control and Prevention (2015) reports that 66% of PuertoRicans are more likely to smoke compared to the Mexicans.

In conclusion, the Hispanic population in America is facing manyhealth problems such as the high rate of malnutrition, obesity, anddiabetes. These problems stem from certain practices such as the useof traditional health remedies and their lack of physical exercises.


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