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Values Vs Beliefs



Values are set of thoughts that guide me on how to differentiate between right and wrong.

Beliefs are hypothesis that I endorse to be factual.

They are general and centered on essential things.

They are based on assumptions.

I use values when it comes to making decisions centered on what is critical what gives us a sense of being human.

In most cases, I utilize it in making decisions. For instance, I usually sustain my relationships using beliefs that are all known by any other person.

Basically, I perceive values as principles because they come up from the experience of being alive.

Also, I view beliefs as contextual since they crop up from my learned familiarity.

They define ones character and rise up from a person’s personality.

To some extent, they result from ethnicity background as well as environmental circumstances.

Whereas, people unite around similar values.

Beliefs are believed to separate people since they are based on individuality.

Value changes as we mature psychologically and grow physically.

The concept of altering beliefs is by changing our views, and thoughts.

Similarly, they are based on enthusiasm as well as conduct.

They are typically centered on generalizations whereby they shape people’s map of reality.

Values are ideas that connect intentions, and actions of an individual.

Hypothetically, beliefs are judgments that link criteria and values.

Values are general and centered on essential things.

They are centered on doctrines and past experience.


Eventhough beliefs and values are different, they are related and closelyinterdependent. For this reason, both cannot be alienated from eachother. Primarily, ideas present perspective of our experiences, linkthem to our values and criteria.

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