Contributing To the Nursing Profession

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ContributingTo the Nursing Profession

Contributingto the Nursing Profession

Nursingis known to have the largest number of professionals in America andforms the most predominant part of any hospital payroll substructure. Nurses together with their contributions are regarded as integralcomponents of any dependable healthcare organization working hard toensure a zero patient harm as well as quality care. Studies haveindicated that hospitals with better nursing environments and aboveaverage staffing ratios witnessed reduced levels of patient mortality(Hurley, 2008). When one enrolls in a nursing course, the mostfundamental question that helps forge ahead despite the challengesregards how one sees himself contributing to the profession. It istrue that a limited number of individuals understand the multipleroles as well as responsibilities of nurses until they are in need ofthe nursing care themselves. Having enrolled in this profession, Ihave pictured myself contributing to nursing in a number of ways. Ihave continuously worked hard to develop my individual skills as wellas profession to ensure that I deliver quality care to my patients. My contributions will among others focus on ensuring that the ratesof mortality are reduced, and life expectancy increased among thepopulation. Given that nursing forms one of the professionsperceived as honest and ethical, I see myself working to uphold theethical guidelines provided for nurses and making a difference in mysmall way. An experience that most nurses undergo involves workingto impact the health as well as the wellbeing of patients and theirfamilies from the bedside. The process of caring for patients hasalways presented a chance for me to impact the life of another personin a special way. By undertaking my roles professionally andhandling my patients ethically, I intend to be a role model to themany students aspiring to be qualified nurses.


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