Continuing Academic Essay

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ContinuingAcademic Essay



MyGen 201 class helped me understand the significance of developingpersonal and educational goals, my learning style, the writingprocess, how to use the resources in the Center for WritingExcellence and online, and why academic integrity is essential in theacademic field.



Iwas made aware of the benefit of creating personal and educationalgoals.

Support:I learned that establishing personal and scholarly goals enabled anindividual to advance his educational and career objectives moreeffortlessly.

Support:After my Gen 201 course, I decided to obtain a GPA of 3.80 in myFoundations for University Success course.


MyGen 201 course, Foundations for University Success, introduced me tomy learning style.

Support:I realized that I am an auditory learner.

Support:I will pay more attention in class to understand the course conceptsthis will help me to score a high grade, and, by extension, secure ajob that will help me propel my career.


Mycourse acquainted me with knowledge of the writing process.

Support:The writing process involves prewriting, drafting, reviewing, andediting.

Support:The writing process will enable me to develop arguments that arepersuasive, authoritative, and analytical this will help me convincemy instructor, and, in the future, my employers, that mycomprehension of the course concepts is well-founded.


TheCenter for Writing Excellence, in addition to online resources, willhelp me better my skills as a writer.

Support:The Center for Writing Excellence platform has resources such asgrammar correction tools and a plagiarism checker these tools willhelp me develop papers that are both authoritative and original.

Support:I will also use online resources like JSTOR and academic journals tosearch updated information, on the notions within my area of study,to substantiate my arguments.


Academicintegrity is avoiding plagiarism, maintaining academic standards, andrigor in academic research.

Support:I will maintain academic integrity by citing the source of myinformation.

Support:I will also use information from diverse resources and ensure that mypapers do not have grammatical errors.

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