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Basically,Congress is the legislative branch of the federal government that isa representation of the people of America. It is tasked with theobligation of the nation’s laws. Ideally, it shares power with theexecutive and the judicial branch. Only the Congress is electeddirectly by the people, in the three branches of the government.Additional duties of the congress are representation, constituentservice and education, political and electoral activities.Nonetheless, this paper will expound more on the representation role.

Representationis ideally the most vital role of the congress. A system ofrepresentative government ensures that the will of the people is thecentral factor when public policies are being put in place. Thecongress represents the people in regional and national matters thatmay be taken before the Congress for consultation or discussion.

Thereare different styles of representation. Some members of the congressprefer the delegate style. In this approach the congress are therespondents to their constituents. Other congress men on the otherhand, may prefer the trustee style where the Congress men would haveto listen to the people they represent. In both cases the Congressshould represent the will of the people even if it went against theirpersonal beliefs. For instance, if the people wanted legislation thatlegalizes gay marriages and the Congress man is against it he isobliged to represent the will of the people (Glass, 2014).


Glass,M. H. (2014). Bringing Back the States: A Congressional Perspectiveon the Fall of Slavery in America. Law &amp Social Inquiry,39(4), 1028-1056. doi:10.1111/lsi.12111

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