Computer Memory Hacking

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ComputerMemory Hacking

Question1: Definition

Hackingdefines a criminal process whereby people like software engineers orcomputer programmers tamper with the information in a computer. Inthis case, processor memory data becomes disrupted. People who areinvolved in hacking intend to use the records they get to benefitthemselves. Therefore, hacking of a computer RAM refers to a processin which the read access memory of a computer becomes interfered withby criminals (Beaver, 2010).

Question2: Hacking Tools

Variousinstruments can be used to hack computer memory however, the mostcommon standard tools used are the Cheat Engine and the memoryscrappers. Cheat Engine is used to hack computers by creating a DLLfile that the hackers inject into the gaming process. Cheat Engine isa powerful tool for hacking which can search for addresses as well asmodifying games in a computer. Cheat Engines are mostly used to invideo games where the engine uses non-standard methods which eithercreates an advantage or disadvantage that is beyond the standard gameto make the game either easier or difficult. However, the Engine hassoftware such as game trainer which is used by hackers to editmemories on a PC. A game trainer can modify or interfere with thememory of a PC, and this can lead to hacking. In real life, CheatEngines are used to hack RAM during video gaming. Memory scrapper isalso another tool that is used by computers hackers to hack the RAMis known as the memory scrapper. The memory scrapping malware assistshackers to access sensitive data that cannot be obtained throughother methods. In real life situation, the memory scrapper is mostlyused to target RAM inside point-of-sale (POS) devices. Memoryscrappers have the potential to read information on a credit cardsuch as cardholder’s number, the card’s security codes amongother sensitive information. This information is later used by thebad guys to steal money from unsuspecting people.

Question3: Protecting Computers from Hackers

Thefirst best practice to prevent a computer from being hacked is tochoose the type of the operating system to install. There are variousoperating systems like the Windows operating system, Mac operatingsystem X, and Linux operating system such as Ubuntu. The best,operating system to fit in a computer is the one that is less knownsince there are fewer viruses that target it hence, more secure.Also, it is important to make sure that the operating system is oftenupdated, at least once in a month.

Anotheractivity that can guarantee a computer is not at the risk of beinghacked is the selection of the internet browsers and software. Thereare web browsers that are more vulnerable to threats compared toothers. However, Mozilla Firefox is preferred by many people sincethey assume it is more secure from threats due to Add-Ons that ithas for instance, the NoScript, Better Privacy, and HTTPSEverywhere. Also, document reader such as the Adobe Reader is proneto more threats due to its popularity (Beaver, 2010). Therefore, itis advisable to use applications that are less popular since they donot get targeted with ease.

Moreover,the installation of firewalls, antimalware programs, and anti-virusprograms can help in preventing computers from the threat of beinghacked. Antimalware helps in protecting computers from malicioussoftware like the Trojans, viruses, and worms. Nevertheless, theseprograms should be combined with other security measures to maximizeprotection (Beaver, 2010). For instance, there is a need for creatingstrong passwords in personal computers, despite having theantimalware software.

Question4: Significance of Hacking

Organizationsthat major in developing software, which prevents hacking, canbenefit a lot when hacking activities are high. Also, individuals,who have studied information technology, become employed in applyingtheir knowledge to curb hacking. Therefore, it can translate intomore job opportunities, especially among the programmers.

Also,some businesses use hacking to steal information that they use toprofit themselves. Some organizations can steal clients’ names andaddresses which they can apply as a competitive edge (Simpson, 2012).Adaptability is crucial to an information technologist becausetechnology keeps on changing. Therefore, a data technologist willneed the flexibility to be able to change as expertise changes.Interpersonal skills are also important since they will enhance theintegrity of an information technologist. With such qualities, itwill be unlikely for him or her to engage in criminal activities suchas hacking.

Informationtechnology can be used to improve security management in case it isapplied well and integrity upheld. Firstly, technology can be used toidentify criminals using the fingerprints available in a crime scene.Secondly, it can be used to deter future crimes. For example,installation of CCTV helps in reducing crime rates since criminalsfear being noticed. Besides, technology can be employed to safeguardclassified information that can be a threat when leaked (Simpson,2012). Therefore, hacking has facilitated the application oftechnology.

Tosum up, hacking can have both positive and adverse effects to aperson, an organization, and society. However, since it can threatenpersonal security and that of a nation, it is important that peopleshould take necessary measures to safeguard their computers fromhackers.


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