Communication Plan

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Therole played by communication in all the business facets isfundamental. It is an essential aspect that needs to be emphasizedboth internally and externally between employees and the customers. For instance, a company should be able to express its policies to theclients and satisfactorily give a response to their questionsconcerning their products and services. From the output, it isevident that my firm is declining due to a lapse in communication. Itis, therefore, necessary to streamline the situation by settinggoals, put up strategic measures to realize the set goals and assessif the set objectives were realized.

Goalsof a

Thestrategy that I will adopt will have broad, inclusive goals. Thefirst aim will be building and maintaining relationships, within andaround the business entity. Studies have shown that relationshipsbetween individuals are built and sustained by helpful meetings.Communication can play a pivotal role in this area. Literary, it isnot easy to establish and enhance favorable relations without sharingout effectively.

Thedesign will also address the need for innovation. When employees andclients are given a platform to express their ideas, they cancomfortably come up with new strategies (Daddi, 2011). Thus, thelevels of cooperation will be increased, and advancement will behigh. In case individuals’ right is suppressed the likelihood ofideas being implemented to the optimum is compromised.

Iwill also purpose to establish an efficient crew. Once staffs areopen to each other at the workplace it gives room for the emergenceof an active and unified group (Daddi, 2011). The morale of the teamalso tends to improve when circulation of information is even. Theyfeel secure when performing their roles.

Theplan will also aim at managing the workers as a manager, when doneeffectively it leaves workers well informed of their responsibilitiesand what I expect from them. It will also enable me to givemeaningful feedback both to the staff and the clients. The suggestionwill also address the need for my company`s growth and transparencywithin and around the firm.

Actiontowards Improving the Company Communication

Fora manager, taking the lead is a crucial step. Taking the lead whensharing, commenting, responding and answering to clients’ questionsin a constructive manner will encourage my employees to ape the same.By embracing aspects of good communication like an open door,strategy will set the bar for everyone in the company.

Anotheraction will be prioritizing the business’ mission and dream inevery undertaking. I will make sure that the employees understandwhat the organization is purposed for.

Foregoingunnecessary gatherings and emails is also another action to realizethe goals set (Daddi, 2011). Though meetings are helpful, I willemploy the use of online services that will ensure that there is anefficient flow of information without interrupting individuals. Thebreaking of the hierarchy will also come in handy to ensure thatthere are no hurdles to communication.


Afterthe above concepts have been met, it is necessary for me to beprepared to evaluate their efficiency. Evaluation provides anopportunity to fine-tune the set objectives (Bruce, 2012). I will dothis by asking the employees and clients both in a formal andinformal ways on their reactions and opinions. I will also track theproductivity, feedback from the clients and the expansion of mybusiness after establishing the proposal.


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