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MyJourney from Childhood to Adulthood

Different cultures around the world agree that maturity comes withage. However, for me, maturity has not been much about age but rathermy experiences. The experience of taking care of my younger cousin,whose family had moved in with us temporary, made me realize that alot has changed in me. Josh is not an ordinary kid. He happens to beautistic and the amount of care and patience needed to babysit him isphenomenal. I happened to be the only one around during the summervacation as my parents were tending to Josh`s mom who had beenhospitalized after undergoing a major surgery. For the three weeks Ispent most evenings with Josh, my whole childhood flashed in front ofmy eyes. I came face to face with tantrums and a child`s demands thatI was not used. The incidence made me appreciate and acknowledge theamount of effort that parents put into bringing up their children.This is even more realistic for parents who have children withspecial needs that the education system that does not readily provide(Gray &amp Silver-Pacuilla 2011). The fact that I had to prepare hisspecial meals, bathe him, feed him at times, clean after him wheneverhe soiled his clothing and practically oversee that he did not injurehimself during tantrums allowed me to mature up and learn more aboutbeing responsible for others. From this experience, I strengthened mypatience, commitment, and even learned more about managing my anger.Dealing with Josh has enabled me to be more supportive and acceptingto one of my friends who has been living with Tourette syndrome. Ithus believe that the experience I went through would be beneficialto more people and help develop them into more responsible adults. Iam even more motivated to work on innovations to aid the education ofindividuals living with disabilities. It is my humble wish that otherstudents and ordinary folks would get closer to people withdisabilities in order to fight stigmatization and embrace inclusion.


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Mygoal and influences in life

One of my goals in life is to develop one or several life-changingtechnological innovations in any field. My driving view is thattechnology should be used in addressing major community problems thatmay otherwise remain unsolved. I believe that I can make mycontribution to the world through innovative solutions to persistentcommunity problems through higher education. Thus, I will have leftmy mark in the world by improving the lives of many. My interest inMorehouse lies in the fact that the institution has taken a culturalapproach to education. Having been born in Kenya and brought up byparents both born in Kenya, I have been taught to value the sense ofcommunity embedded in the African communal system. Thus for me,education, especially technology and computing related, should betaught in the context of existing values of the people, thecommunity, culture, and their history (Gudzial 2015). I believeMorehouse will provide the right environment for me to advance myeducation and forge a career that is driven to address everydayproblems facing my people and other marginalized communities aroundthe world. For instance, back in Kenya where I was born, innovationhas enabled the development of a world-beating mobile-based moneytransfer platform called M-Pesa. This invetion, which does notrequire smartphones but can be used on feature phones, hastransformed lives in more ways than people ever imagined possible.This product is the type of innovation that I desire to developartifacts of an invention that can be utilized by the poorest insociety and change their lives. It is worth noting that the M-Pesahas not only enabled the transfer of money but has been used as aplatform to provide banking services and accessible credit services.Such facilities were inaccessible to the people before M-Pesa. In mymind, I cannot help to wonder, how many Americans have no access tocredit? Thus, inspired by such life changing technologies, I lookforward to developing innovations with similar impacts on societies.For instance, I could develop a product targeting people who havebeen wrongly denied access to credit in America.


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Given that my parents were both born and raised in Kenya, they havean acute sense of community that they have nurtured in me. They haveinstilled in the importance of volunteering community service indifferent ways. Since we relocated to the US since I was about sixyears old, I have watched my parents blend in and work withcommunities in our neighborhood. In the very early years, I watchedmy dad help two elderly women in our neighborhood mow their lawns andtake care of their gardens free of charge. As a Christian, hebelieved that such acts of kindness earned one favor in the eyes ofGod. In fact, several education approaches recognize the role ofreligion in shaping attitudes and behavior (Reynolds 2014).Thus, froman early age, I learned the value of helping others especially thosewith no ability to pay back or return the favor. My mom introduced meto volunteering in local homes for elderly. I have worked in severalhomes as a sway of spending my leisure time and as a way ofinteracting with seniors who I have discovered have immense wisdomand life experiences that I can learn from and apply in my life. Forexample, one elderly man that I befriended in one of the homes forthe elderly introduced me to his grandson who plays for a localsoccer team. As an avid soccer player, I was very excited about theopportunity. In all these experiences, I learned that pensioners andsenior citizens should not be dismissed as people past their usefulage. I realized that there are important life lessons to learn fromthese people, as well as the fact that it allows human beings theopportunity to restore human dignity by taking care of its members attheir weakest (Horn &amp Staker 2014). Thus, I am more open aboutlife. I have vowed to be more useful and active in my youth and evenhelp the aged enjoy their last days her on earth.


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Georgia Tech has one of the longest histories in academic achievementover the centuries. The institution has played a vital role indriving growth, innovation, and change. I believe that Georgia Techoffers the best environment for me to study in this age oftransitioning from industrialization to information based economies.This phase presents numerous opportunities for technologicalinnovation, which is my field of interest. The institution hasestablished itself in the education sector as a top university thatis dedicated to developing learners` innovative skills. The collegealso attracts some of the best performing and talented individualsfrom all over the world. Thus, Georgia Tech provides the bestlearning environment to achieve my goals in life and education. Ibelieve that I can add value to such minds and increase the value tothe institution through my knowledge and capabilities that I look toenhance at the same time.

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