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Learnerswho cannot move from one place to another should be assisted withwheelchairs to aid in their daily movement. Students and educatorsshould ensure that these facilities are accessible to them privatelyor from the learning institutions. Teachers need to create anenvironment that is favorable for these students like modifying theclassroom so that they can easily access them. The learners shouldacquire from the institutions on what they intend to study on theavailability of the services that will make their learning possible(Pace Center, 2016).


Theeducators should put in place the assistive listening systems to helpthese students communicate easily with their fellows. There should beaccess to the qualified interpreters to assist the learners to getthe concepts in a form they can understand better. The use of TDD bythe educators can help the students where the use of LCD screen isrecommended for them to understand. The classrooms can be fitted withfeatures like the room acoustics and full visual access for thelearners to comprehend the events taking place in the world. Thestudents have the responsibility to ensure that they make use ofthese facilities equitably to gain maximally when learning(Washington and Kubly, 2016).


Teachersshould make sure that the dyslexia learners are assisted through theutilization of the tape recorder to translate the directions andinstructions. When using other reading materials like the textbooks,the teachers should highlight relevant information so that thesestudents could stress on them. In some cases, critical informationcan be written on the whiteboard to draw their attention. Finally, ifthe students are taking IT lessons, tutors should make sure that theyuse assistive technologies to enable them to incorporate thecomputing skills (Iansyst, 2014).


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