Civil Unrest and Effect on the American Society

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The shooting ofMichael Brown in Missouri led to civil unrest that stirred the areafor weeks. Darren Wilson, a white police officer, shot the unarmedteenager of African American origin on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson.On November 24, 2014, the grand jury’s decision not to prosecuteMr. Wilson led to more protests. The brutal killing of Mr. Brown wasfollowed by escalated police related deaths such as the 12-year-oldTamir Rice, Akai Gurley Freddie Gray, and Alton Sterling. Thekillings contributed to the formation of the black lives mattermovement (Flatow, 2014).

The ensuingprotests indicated the lack of trust between a significant populationof the Ferguson residents and the local law enforcers. It promptedfor the independent investigation of the Ferguson Police Departmentopened by the Civil Rights Division of the United States Departmentof Justice. The investigation revealed that Ferguson’sadministration practices contributed to the violation of civilrights. It called for the city to implement reforms such aseliminating the revenue driven policing approach and, instead, use acommunity policing that emphasizes on police legitimacy. Also, thereport revealed that the city`s policing strategies led to a racialadministration of policies. It, therefore, called for reforms toensure that every citizen is accorded the right protection andhandled with compassion irrespective of his or her race(Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department, 2015).

The protestsalso prompted the state lawmakers to pass dozens of measures as astrategy to address police brutality. Since Ferguson’s protests,24 states have adopted 40 measures to address the interaction betweenthe police and the community. Amongst the policies is theestablishment of limits on the use of military equipment by the armedforces, training officers on theracialbias, the establishment of independent investigations, and theintroduction of body-worn cameras for the members of the force. NewYork City implemented a pilot program involving the use of 54 camerasin 2015 and 2014. Although the reforms are taking some time to hold,they have reduced crime and arrests (Flatow, 2014).

Media Events

The filing ofbankruptcy by Enron occurred on December 2, 2001. The media coveredEnron’s downfall by providing more details of the company’sblatant deception, as it became known. Americans were shocked andenraptured by the regularity of the business’ transactions ratherthan the complicated financial practices or massive economic losses(Dee, 2002).

The bankruptcyof the organization led to the loss of billions of dollars by theInvestors. The media revealed the unethical practices that led thepublic to question the role of the United States Securities Exchange(SEC). The key mission of SEC is to ensure the protection ofinvestors, maintain fair order and efficient markets, as well asenhance the creation of capital (Dee, 2002).

The causesbehind the fall of Enron clearly indicated that SEC failed in its jobas some of the signs were blatant enough. The media revealed some ofthe associated ethical issues where the company made 40 % of itsrevenues from the sale of assets to generate 504 million in earnings.One year later, in the year 1996, similar sales of assets wererecorded and they provided 568 million dollars, which equaled to 26percent of the company’s earnings. Besides, the SEC failed toquestion why the top executives sold a substantial amount of theirshares during the 1991- 2001 period, despite the value of the stocksat the time. In another instance, the company realized 675 milliondollars of losses in the year 1997 while the operations lost 30 centsper share. Such instances served as a great warning sign thatsomething was wrong with the enterprise, and the SEC could have takenprecautionary measures. However, the agent failed to recognize themishaps and waited until the firm filed for bankruptcy leading to asignificant loss in investors’ wealth (Dee, 2002).

The Impact of Immigration Differences betweenthe Republican and Democrats

One of thefundamental differences between the Republicans and the Democrats istheir proposed immigration policies. The Republicans’ policy aimsat deporting all the illegal and undocumented foreigners from theUnited States. On the contrary, the Democrats intend to legalizerefugees by helping them to obtain the necessary credentials toacquire citizenship (Woglin, 2015).

The proposal todeport undocumented migrants is bound to have a multifaceted impacton the economy for it oversimplifies the economic and fiscal benefitsprovided by the individuals. First, the refugees are not onlyworkers, but also taxpayers who contribute to the consumption andcreate demand for the economy’s products. Massive deportation isbound to have an indirect and negative impact on local businesses byreducing the amount of money circulating in the market (Espanol,2012).

Second, theproposal is expensive to implement. The number of immigrants isestimated to be 11 million. The cost of deporting one alien isestimated at USD 10,070 while the expense of the entire operation isestimated to cost 114 billion United States Dollars. While the latteronly accounts for the necessary services such as apprehension,detention, legal processes, as well as deportation, the real wholecost is estimated to average between 420 to 620 billion of taxpayers’money (Espanol, 2012).

Third, theproposal is bound to cause a civil crisis. Immigration expertsobserve that most of the unlawful settlers have lived in the US formore than 13 years. A significant number of the aliens, 40%, are notlow wageworkers who sneaked across the border. Instead, they areforeigners who entered the US legally, but failed to leave aftertheir term of stay expired. Consequently, it is hard to predict thelikely reaction of ordinary Americans upon observing their neighborsand friends rounded up and taken away (Woglin, 2015).


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