Challenges and Security Issues

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Challengesand Security Issues

Ininformation technology management, different challenges and securityissues have emerged. Because of the security issues, individuals andorganizations have lost data to third parties who use the reports inbenefiting themselves. For instance, businessmen cause a breach ofsecurity to an organization so as to discover a rival’s marketingplan while an ex-employee may be involved in leaking information inorder to get revenge for being sacked. Access of data by thirdparties results in problems to the rightful owner since it leads to arevelation of a confidential and pertinent report. The aim of thispaper is to discuss the matter of challenges and security issues ininformation technology management.

Oneof the security issues that have been noted with different entitieswhen dealing with information concerns complacency (Taylor, 2013 pg400). The loss of data as a result of a malware attack or hackers hasbeen associated with entities being complacent. Although it isnecessary for individuals to act responsibly in protectinginformation, most people at personal or organizational levels are notkeen in avoiding threats, which makes data fall into the wrong hands.In a majority of cases, organization and individuals are notconcerned with information loss unless when a breach is near to occuror has already taken place. Entities should not be satisfied withwhat they deem as secured information without first of all takingpreventive measures to the loss of data. For instance, it is alwayscrucial for a business to ensure that its employees protect theprivate information of the organization through having a toughinternal system that monitors the security of relevant reports.

Anothersecurity issue that faces the management of information is failure totake the time to understand a safety threat (Vacca, 2013 pg 89).When computer systems are attacked by malware, it has become atendency for individuals to just clean-up the malware and assume thateverything is satisfactory. However, it is important to know wherethe security threat originated from so as to have a plan on how toprotect data. For instance, it is critical to understand whether itcame to the computer system through a download or whether it becameintroduced by a person on the inside. Furthermore, it is crucial todo sufficient research in knowing whether the security breach can beavoided in the future. An organization should always consider takingall the preventive measures in evading a future attack by the samethreat.

Amajor challenge in information management concerns education. Mostpeople are not aware of how they are supposed to protect their data.Apart from avoiding data loss, some individuals using technologicaldevices do not understand the threats that they may encounter whenusing the tools. This usually emanates from ignorance and failure ofenough education on how to protect information from outside parties.Thus, it is crucial for people to fathom that their data can beexposed to a lot of threats when using technological devices(Carugati &amp Rossignoli, 2011 pg 13). This would make themaggressive in looking for ways to avoid data loss.

Furthermore,another challenge concerns the issue of discovering when there is asecurity breach (Carugati &amp Rossignoli, 2011 Pg 197). In mostcases, loss of information from an organization is associated withindividuals on the inside for instance, a trusted employee. Whendata loss is linked to people inside a business, it may beexceedingly difficult to notice when information is under threatbecause the individuals involved may use secretive and cunning waysof ensuring that they are not discovered. An organization needs to beaggressive in monitoring its data so as to establish when there is aperil on its confidential and significant reports.

Inconclusion, it can be argued that the two key security issues facinginformation management are complacency and failure of taking the timeto understand a threat. Such issues expose data to being accessed bythird parties. Alternatively, understanding threats and educationemerge as the challenges. Therefore, it is imperative to have anunderstanding of the security and challenge issues so as to take thebest measures in information management.


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