C. Historical Evolution of the Community

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C.Historical Evolution of the Community

Community History


The first historical evidence about the establishment of the current Land O’ Lakes dates as far back as during the 1880s, although the current name was not in use. Fivacy (2016) reports that after the removal of the Seminoles and establishment of stagecoach relay station that ran from Tampa to Brooksville, resettlement began. Lumbering was the main activity for the few inhabitants who occupied the region. The huge Cyprus tree, Disston, Fivacy Junction, Drexel, Eheren, pleasant plains, Stemper, Myrtle-Denham, and Tucker are some of the resources that encouraged residency (MacManus, 2013). In the early 1930’s, cultivation of citrus became the largest source of revenue for the inhabitants. Schools and post offices were consolidated and a search for a name of the area ensued.

However, the naming of the area was done in 1949 by a vote during a meeting held in Denham-Drexel Civic Association (Fivay, 2016). The story behind the specific person who named it varies based on various authors as almost all people who attended the meeting claimed to be responsible. Some sources indicate 1950 as the official year when the name was first formally used. The economy has since continued to improve and currently, the rate of unemployment and per capital income in most households is higher than the national average (City Data, 2016).

Sourceof evidence: Fivay,2016.

D. Housing Conditions

Housing characteristics

Total number of units

Owner occupied

Renter occupied


Housing subsidies/ homeless provisions

The majority of the housing in Tampa are houses, whether rented or owned, and apartments.




Sourcesof evidence:CityData, 2016

E. Places of Worship (this section should focus on the outreachavailable in your community).



Outreach Services Provided to Parishioners &amp Community as-a-whole



Most of the Church stations have facilities specifically designed for peer meetings for people with common addictions, such as drugs, who wish to be rehabilitated. Psychological services are offered at no charges to both individuals and group counseling.

Once in a month, there is a second collection for the homeless and charity works.

Evangelical Protestants


They constitute the largest portion of the population. They have invested massively in education and are known advocates of healthy lifestyle, which include eating habits. They organize seminars and campaigns to teach about healthy foods and donate funds for supplementary diets in elementary schools kids.

Mainline Protestant


Their operations are closely linked to that of the evangelical protestants. They complement education programs and health initiatives around the area and especially in schools. Several stations have psychological counseling units where services are offered first to the members and secondly to the churchless populace in the society.

Black protestants


The black protestants are also similar to the two previous categories. They offer special services to African-American who includes both the members and the non-members.



The orthodox churches offer psychological services in their separate church facilities strictly to members only. They also operate several hospitals for the entire community.



A substantial population attends churches that have either one central station (or only less than three). They offer closely related services, in addition to a number not found in other churches such as home visits to evangelize and help the sick.

Sourceof evidence: City Data (City Data, 2016)



Description of services

(Cost, destination of service, quality of service, condition of services &amp/or roads, handicap accessibility)

Description of major roads

The major highways are few with Hale Road being the most prominent. It runs between King Lake and Bell Lake and it is connected to many other small roads.

Description of minor roads

Lake O’ Land has a number of minor roads connecting the different geographical localities from estates to shopping centers. Most of the minor roads are well maintained as the area has many affluent populations. During rush hour, some areas experience heavy traffic, but congestion is not a major problem as alternative routes can be used.

Bike Paths

Bike paths forms part of almost all minor roads in the major centers and estates. The well maintained paths are aimed at attracting more riders as part of healthy physical exercise. It is common to see a large number of bikers early in the morning and late in the evening moving along the 707 routes that can accommodate over 80 bikes in one course.


Most bus services available are offered for the main Pasco County rather than within the local community. There are plans to establish local transport busses.

Taxi including private services

The most common taxi-transportation services company is Uber. This company is highly favored by users due to the low transportation costs charged, efficiency, and safety. There are a number of limousine companies and other services providers in the same industry.

Volunteers providing transportation

Some companies offer transport services to their employees as well as a few churches during campaigns. However, since most residents have at least one car, transport volunteer services are not very common.

School buses

Institutions offer transport services to school going children. The number of busses almost doubles the number of schools.

G.Healthcare and food commodities


Access, cost, hours, description of deficiency


The available grocery stores include Publix supermarket, Wal-Mart Supercenter, Win Dixie and Metro Food Mart among others. Most of these supermarkets have separate drugs stores.

Health related Items

There are more than 10 clinics offering free and low income based healthcare for people without insurance in Land O’ Lake. Most clinics operate from Monday to Friday. Working hours vary for every clinic, but most run from 8.00a.m to 8.00 p.m. They include John Darby Assisted Living Facility, Biblical health center, Mobile Health Van, Mobile Dental Health and New Port Richey Family Health Care- Trinity among others (Free Clinics, 2016).


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