Business Plan Part III Business Initiative and Technology

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BusinessPlan Part III: Business Initiative and Technology


BusinessPlan Part III: Business Initiative and Technology

AvailableOptions for Production

Productionis one of the critical elements of any business as it affectsdirectly on the quality of the business offering (Blackwell, 2011).Hence, Cookies Café will consider every option to maximize customerexperience and promote efficiency within the entity.

Achase strategy is one of the available options for productions (Gaol,Mars &amp Saragih, 2014). It involves organizing the business insuch a manner that any food prepared matches to a client`s order.This option enables the restaurant staff to match production anddemand hence reducing the possibility of making excess food.Exceeding demand is discouraged as it can lead to compromising ofcustomer preferences through the sale of food that is not fresh.There are various merits associated with this option especially ifapplied in the food production business. The primary advantage isthat it facilitates the management to maintain low inventories. ForCookies Café, the level of stocks held is of utmost importance sincethis is an upstart business that needs to observe manageable levelsof products due to cash constraints. It is also necessary since thisrestaurant will need to hold different varieties of stock to matchthe preferences of their clientele.

Anotherproduction option that is applicable at Cookies Café is theassemble-to-order (Gaol, Mars &amp Saragih, 2014). This strategyinvolves waiting until the customer orders a food item, for instance,a hamburger. After the placing of the request, the kitchen staff thenembarks on preparing the food item from selective ingredients, someof which can be included or excluded from the order as per customertastes. Such a strategy means that every sale will be a freshlycooked or baked food component, which enhances the taste of food andis essential in establishing loyalty. The assemble-to –order optionrequires restaurants to keep a variety of ingredients enough toaccommodate the various combinations of orders that clients mightrequire.

TheCookies Café also has the option of making their products inanticipation of purchases. The food preparation occurs during theoff-peak hours. This strategy will require the business to invest inquality storage facilities since the food will always be ready forpeople to order. Such mode of production enables the staff to meetcustomer needs at the shortest time possible due to the eliminationof unnecessary waiting time. It can prove to be an attractive option,especially during the peak hours. However, such style of productionlimits on the variety of items since it is not possible to anticipatethe taste of every customer.

Theassemble-to-order is the best option available for the Cookies Café.Through the application of this production style, this business willmanage to avail fresh and unique products to its customers sincetheir preparation is on request and as per their preferences. Inaddition, it will promote efficiency in addition to streamliningoperations for the enterprise.

MeetingConsumer Needs

Customersatisfaction is of utmost importance to any business (Mckeever,2012). It involves assessing their wants and devising ways to satisfythem. Current trends reveal an inclination to healthy eating wherebyconsumers are observant of the calories in their foods. Ironically,the same people are also exhibiting a high demand for fast foods. TheCookies Café recognizes the need to balance healthiness and leisurefor their clients. Hence, the business will stock healthy foodoptions like fruit snacks and fresh juice to meet the preferences oftheir health conscious clientele.

TheCookies Café also recognizes the need to provide affordable productsand services. Currently, the existing restaurants in the localityhave priced their products expensively hence limiting the spendingoptions of potential customers. This enterprise will seek tocapitalize on the prevailing situation by pricing its productscompetitively. The management will aim at striking a balance betweenthe quality, quantity, and the pricing. Such a strategy will attractthe youth and the middle-class customers to the business besidescreating customer loyalty.

Anotherexisting need is convenience. This Café will aim at maximizing theconsumer experience by offering free delivery of customer orderswithin the locality. Such a service will promote the business sincepotential customers who may not be in a position to walk in can stillenjoy the product offerings through the delivery service. Such is theextent to which the Cookies Café will go to fulfill customer needs.


Incorporatingtechnology in our product offering is essential in optimizingcustomer experience. The Cookies Café will use a system thatfacilitates online bookings (Gaol, Mars &amp Saragih, 2014). Such asystem will require a website that is mobile friendly. It will makeordering easy for our customers. Online ordering will complement theassemble-to-order strategy since customers will make their requests,which the restaurant staff can then prepare in the time required bythe buyer.

Thebusiness will also include electronic points of sale terminals toease customer payments. As such, customers will not need to use cashhence the increased convenience. The availability of various paymentoptions is crucial in improving customer service besides enhancingour business capabilities.

TheCookies Café will utilize social media to improve communication withthe consumer. Such technology will also facilitate targeted marketingsince our clients can access the relevant information through ourpresence on this platform. Our customers can also write reviews onour social media pages, recommend us to their friends hence promotingloyalty to our brand and increasing our sales capabilities.

TechnologyPolicies and Product Initiative

Wewill establish a plan on acceptable-use of our internet (Gaol, Mars &ampSaragih, 2014). Since this eatery is hoping to incorporate internetcommunication to the customer experience, a clear outline isnecessary to guide employees on the accepted use of this platform.Another technology policy will involve the use of work equipment.This business will install modern cooking and storage equipment hencethe requirement for employees to use them as per the set standards.

Effectsof the Technology Policy on the Product Initiative

Appropriateapplication of our internet policy will promote professionalism atthe workplace (Gaol, Mars &amp Saragih, 2014). The policy willrequire employees to avoid personal communication and provide aplatform to review our interactions with clients hence improving ourservice delivery.

Besides,our work equipment strategy will ensure that our staff utilizes theavailable facilities as per the recommendations. Such usage willimprove safety at the workplace by reducing accidents that can arisefrom the inappropriate use of equipment. A safe work environmentleads to improvements in the quality and quantity of output hencepositively influencing our product and service initiative.

Theset technology policies will be crucial in reducing our operationalcosts. For instance, internet communication and our social mediapresence will reduce our marketing costs. Similarly, appropriate useof our equipment will promote efficiency and minimize insurance costsdue to reduced accidents. Such cost savings will translate into anaffordable pricing of our products.


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