Book Review I Will Forever Remain Faithful

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BookReview: I Will Forever Remain Faithful

Iwill forever remain faithful: David Ramsey. Oxford American: TheSouthern Magazine of Good Writing, 2014. 5p

Responseone:In the article, the author, David Ramsey tries to bring out theobsession of the children in New Orleans of Lil Wayne. The authortries to point out that the obsession to the rapper was an advantageto him since it helped him survive his first year, teaching in NewOrleans.

Responsetwo:The author’s main point in the article is that the children are somuch obsessed, especially the blacks, about the rapper and thateverything that the children do must be allied to Lil Wayne’s ways.He states that there are some merits and demerits for the obsession.

Responsethree:The author assumes that what his friends told him before he became ateacher was to be true. The friends said that becoming a teacher isthe hardest thing that he will ever face, as well as the best thingthat he will ever have done.

Responsefour:The stories of Michael and Darius prove to be the evidence to whathis friends had told him. The teaching job frustrated him but theexperience was worth it.

Responsefive:The text seems to be focusing on the positive impact of Lil Wayne tothe children of New Orleans such as the discouragement to the use ofdrugs. On the other hand, the text uses harsh words to educate thereaders. The language appears inappropriate since most of the readersare children or young adults.

Responsesix:One of the most visible counterarguments in the text is the use ofdrugs. The author states that the drugs kill and insists that heacknowledges that, but only does opposite when he is on drugs.

Responseseven:The author brings out the fact that if one is not a Lil Wayne fan inNew Orleans he/she seems not to belong to New Orleans, which is aninteresting idea. It would imply that New Orleans is not a nice placeyet they seem to love a rapper who shares the cultural heritage.

Responseeight:The arguments in the text may encourage good morals in New Orleansbut at the same time, they are not favorable to the children of sucha young age. The technique used to deliver the message invokes verbaldecay among children.

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