Biblical Perspective

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Inthe Bible, there are numerous assertions that God has revealed Hisdesire for an intimate spiritual relationship to each human being byHis initiative. Before explaining the importance of the Biblical viewof God’s willingness and making possible that human beings have apersonal intimate relationship with Him, this essay will briefly shedlight on the nature of God. In the biblical book of Romans 9:1-25, itis written that God is sovereign. According to Boring (2010), He isthe boss, period. Whatever He does, is, by definition, right! Humanbeings have no basis upon which they can challenge any of Hisactions. Additionally, in the book of Revelation 15:4, God ismentioned as being “Holy.” Moreover, God is loving, omniscientand omnipresent because He knows everything and nothing can beconcealed from Him as illustrated in the book of Hebrew 4:13 (Boring,2010) . From these Biblical teachings, God is depicted as holy,loving, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

God’swillingness to have a personal intimate relationship with humanbeings originates from Genesis’ story of creation. In the book ofGenesis 1:27, it is documented that God created man in his own image.By creating man in his own image, God is depicting His closeness tohuman beings. God created all the animals in the universe, but choseto create man in His exact likeliness to signify his personalcherished relationship with them (Boring, 2010). To furtherillustrate his relationship with mankind, God placed the first manand woman in paradise (Garden of Eden) where they did not have totoil for their sustenance.

Toprove His personal intimate relationship with mankind, God also gaveHis only son as a sacrifice so that He would die on behalf of humanbeings for them to gain salvation. In His selfless nature, Godbrought Jesus Christ on earth as a sacrifice for the sake of helpinghuman beings redeem their connections to Him. The other biblical viewof God’s willingness to have a personal intimate relationship withhuman beings is evident from the biblical narrative of the TenCommandments. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments to act as a guideto how human beings can live on earth in a fashion that ensures theirrelationship with Him is not soiled by transgressions (Boring, 2010).From this point of perspective, all these biblical narratives pointto the fact that God is willing and is making possible that humanbeings have a personal intimate relationship with Him.

AsGod’s creation, it is an irrefutable fact that human beings arespecial because they are created in God’s image. Hence, humanbeings are wonderful and valuable pieces of God’s creation for thereason that they are His spitting image. As such, individuals shouldhighly regard fellow human beings as highly as they regard themselvesbecause they are all created in God’s image. Human beings aretreasured because God has a manual for them a manual that vouchesfor a healthy relationship with Him. The Ten Commandments were madeavailable by God to shape the destiny of human beings by defining theconcepts of living a good life on earth. Bearing in mind that JesusChrist died on behalf of human beings for all their transgressions,it becomes apparent that human beings are worthy in the eyes of God.The acceptance of these biblical perspectives on the nature of Godand his desires to relate to human beings has shaped my life becauseI am living a virtuous life thanks to the teachings of the Bible.


Boring,M. E. (2010). Matthew`s Narrative Christology: Three Stories.Interpretation:A Journal of Bible and Theology,64(4),356-367. Doi: 10.1177/002096431006400403

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