Awareness Reflection Paper

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AwarenessReflection Paper

Awarenessrefers to the knowledge of a situation or act. The concept indicatesthat a person has an understanding of something that has happened, orthat is proceeding (Ivtzan, 2015). I am most aware, when I recognizethe repercussions that are attached to a particular activity, whichis about to occur. My primary identity is fear since I usually gettrepidation the moment I know the expected results of an action. Theparts of the primary identity that are still developing are buildingof courage and overcoming the fears. I think I am living as my realself since my senses are usually grounded on impulsive authenticexperiences. In an attempt to be more aware, and present in life, Iwould keep learning from different materials such as periodicals andbooks. Awareness would impact my learning experience in this classthrough helping me to understand environmental issues and how to dealwith the problems based on the knowledge.

Fromthe film BeyondAwareness,individuals who possess environmental awareness do not act on theknowledge that they are armed with. Emanating from the understandingthat people have on the environment, it is expected that they shouldact on the information that they have, in addressing issues that arelikely to emerge. However, it is ironical that individuals tend totake minimal actions, in dealing with the problems that can appear.

Thefilm tries to challenge people, who have enormous knowledge onenvironmental matters, to take appropriate steps and act on theinformation to resolve problems that are encountered, due to thefailure of taking care of the environment. Therefore, it is alwayscritical to consider acting on the environmental awareness possessedby individuals.


BeyondAwareness Film

Ivtzan,I. (2015). Awarenessis freedom: The adventure of psychology and spirituality.Winchester: Change Makers Books.

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