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Frommy childhood days in the lower primary up to my high school life, mypassion for mathematics was undeniable. I had been doing extremelywell on this discipline and that is what motivated me to do Bachelordegree in math at the University. Mathematics is generally a pivotalon which nearly all other disciplines including (economics,chemistry, physics, biology, and geography among many others) dependon. I like the problem-solving challenge that mathematics offers. Forme, it is a ceaselessly fascinating, as this discipline seemsinexhaustible, allowing so much scope for further research and study.

Therefore,I can categorically state that I am here at the university to pursuea degree in mathematics not by mistake but because I deserved it andcommitted to fulfilling my lifelong dream, to become, renownedmathematicians like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Nowthat I have been admitted to the university I have chosen to do thefollowing mathematics courses: differential equation, AbstractAlgebra, and Linear Algebra. Algebra is a broad division ofmathematics, which consists of linear algebra and abstract algebra.Linear Algebra deals with vector spaces as well as linear mappingsbetween such spaces. On the other hand, abstracts algebra, modernalgebra study algebraic structures such as lattices, vector spaces,fields, modules, groups, and rings. A differential equation is anequation containing derivatives, either partial derivatives orordinary derivatives. Out of the three Units, I found differentialequation the most attractive and easy to understand. As a result, Ihave developed more passion in this branch of mathematics than in anyother areas. However, I find abstract algebra somewhat challengingand some of its concepts are hard to understand.

Iam interested in the differential equation because my mentor is IsaacNewton, a mathematician wizard of all ages.Hemostly dealt with laws governing natural phenomenon.

Theselaws are equations (relations) involving rates at which things occur(derivatives). In general, all equations containing derivatives aredifferential equations. Therefore, having an in-depth knowledge ofdifferential equations will enable me investigate problems in areassuch as heat transfer, circuit design, fluid mechanics, seismicwaves, conservation biology or population. I always loved nature, andI am more interested in modeling natural phenomenon usingmathematics. Differential equations can allow me to make abreakthrough on this matter. My future objective is to invent amathematical model that can be used to solve anything to do withnature.

Imainly enrolled for the course to gain a broad range of skills andexpertise in problem solving, flexible thinking, and logical reason.The course will enable me to develop an extensive knowledge in designwork and to understand the natural phenomenon occurrence usingmathematical models.

Irealize that math is very important in our daily life and the systemswe usually use. I believe that mathematics degree while beingenjoyable and inspiring, would offer me an excellent platform onwhich I can base a career of my choice. Since I am aware thatlearning is a continuous process, and to become a famousmathematician, one must pursue mathematics up to Ph.D. level, I lookforward to enrolling to master degree program and ultimately doing mydoctorate degree. In fact, my long-term goal is to work towardsattaining doctorate in Mathematics. After graduation, I plan to workin research and design companies, as this the only way I can find anopportunity to deal with complex mathematics thus sharpening myskills. Besides, I plan to join the mathematics club as well asattend training workshop and seminars to gain new insights about newformulas and ideologies in this field.

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