Attending Church is Important for Christians

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AttendingChurch is Important for Christians

AttendingChurch is Important for Christians

Natureof Christianity calls for all Christians to be inter-dependent.Therefore, as a family they need to meet regularly to show love forone another according to 1st John 4:12. Christians meet toencouraging one another as in Hebrews 10:24, and to serve one anotheras taught in Galatians 5: 13. It is also the responsibility of theChrist followers to instruct one another as in Romans 15:14, to honoreach other as in Romans 12: 10 as well as being compassionate andkind to one another as in Ephesians 4:32 (Ross, 2012). Christians useBible as the point of reference that determines their moral values aswell as duties and actions. Therefore, it is their obligation tofollow what the Bible says concerning their walk in the religion. Thediscussion on the issue will illustrate that attending church isimportant for a Christian.

Christfollowers should emulate him. Jesus made going to the church acustom. According to Luke 14: 6, Jesus would go to the meeting placeevery Sabbath as usual when he was in Nazareth. The fourthCommandment calls for all believers to honor the Sabbath day (Desmond&amp Kraus, 2014). Considering that it is a commandment then allChristians should be bound by that rule. However, it isunderstandable that there are some instances where one would fallsick or fail to attend for one genuine reason or the other. However,under normal circumstances, all Christians should not fail to attendthe Sabbath meeting.

TheBible also calls for fellowship. It is in the church where word ofGod is taught. Often, Christians venture into Bible studyindividually. However, spiritual understanding is not enough.Christians have the duty to minister to others through their giftsmay it be preaching, worshiping, prophesy among others (Robbins,1995).

Therefore,when they meet, they get a chance to minister to one another as it isthe will of God. Knowing the word is part of Christian life butspreading the word is a responsibility that they are given by God. Ina meeting, various gifts are manifested and shared for thedevelopment of God`s work. When an individual with gifts fails toattend the service, then that particular church falls short of thegifts.

Itis also a good habit to attend a church meeting. When people givetheir lives to God, they automatically become a part of the body ofthe church (Ross, 2012). A body works well when all parts arefunctional. Therefore, when one member fails to attend the meeting,then the body is incomplete. As a result, the church is notefficiently functional. In some cases, people may assume that theirresponsibilities in a church meeting are inferior, but they fail torecognize that even a preacher requires an audience to spread thegospel. Others serve as church cleaners others usher and they areall as important as the one preaching the word and also the worshipleaders.

Attendingto church also sets a good example to people. A good Christian shouldfall in the habit of attending the service. When one wants to observea Christian life, they focus on their commitment to attending churchmeetings (Desmond &amp Kraus, 2014). That way, the people who attendchurch regularly are better committed. However, it is not a thresholdto determine an individual`s salvation. Some may be committed yettheir actions do not fall in line with what God wants.

However,to younger Christians, it is a good example as they grow committed tothe church and eventually receive salvation. In some instances,regular church goers change the lives of others around them and thespouses, children as well as neighbors admire the habit and end upbecoming committed to the church (Robbins, 1995). It is also a way ofministering to people around you.

Theattending church also makes a Christian to grow spiritually. It is ina church that one gets spiritual mentors who have acquired spiritualmaturity. Their youthful desires often tempt Young Christians, andthey require an older person to tell them what is right and what iswrong. Such counselors ensure that these young Christians do notcompromise their walk with Christ (Ratcliff &amp Ratcliff, 2010). Anindividual who lives alone may not know what is required of them.

However,when one mingles with other believers they get to know the joy inChristian walk, and they become aware of what is expected of them. Itis also in a church where one gets mentees who they can nurture togrow spiritually. In some instances, it is an encouragement forbelievers not to despair as salvation is tough to maintain. That waythey can resist temptations to fall back to sinful nature.

Atthe same time, fellowshipping begins from a Sabbath service.Eventually one makes friends who make life easier to walk. Christianswalk by a code of believing that ‘all happens according to the willof God` (Ratcliff &amp Ratcliff, 2010). In some instances, living alonely life may make one to doubt these words. Life is difficult, andone has to face challenges time and again.

Onthe other hand, when people fellowship with others, they know thatthere are those facing greater challenges them. It is rare for peopleto open up under normal circumstances. During testimonies, Christiansshare their problems and how they have overcome them. They also helpone another in praying for problems. That way, it is an encouragementto survive hardship. Such support gives life meaning.

Theattending church also helps in growth of Christian community. Whileit is believed that an individual is a church, the word connotescollective people. In addition, Christ said that where two or morewere to gather in his name, then he will also be there (Mathew18:20). Therefore, gathering to worship attracts the presence of HolySpirit that guides people in spiritual walk (Ross, 2012).

Inthis case, each wants to belong somewhere. It is impossible to belongto a place that one does not call home. Gathering together creates aspiritual home and all Christians attending feel comfortable. TheChristian community cannot grow when members are scattered and livingindividually. Gathering together creates a bond and sense ofbelonging somewhere that one feels they have a family. It helps onebelieve that they are not alone and that their beliefs are in linewith other believers.

Inconclusion, it is important for Christians to attend church as it isthe will of God, it is also what the fourth commandment calls for allChristians to do. In additions, it is essential for spiritual growth.Christians acquire spiritual mentors and mentees from church meetings(Robbins, 1995). It is the place where believers feel at home and getencouraged. Acquiring salvation makes an individual part of the bodyof Christ, and a body cannot function well without all body parts. Itis also a good habit and church goers set a good example for others,especially knowing that Christians should be good models.


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