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Inthis review, concentration is in the first section of the paper. Thetheme of the movie is the heroic theme as the movie begins the battlebetween Monkey Kings and celestial soldiers in the cloud. In thismovie section, level 4 of listening is applied. Level 4 entailsemergent listening as the characters are seen to pay so muchattention and only ask about things that they feel so interesting.The characters also exhibit level 3 listening as they show soft focuson the other and are keen at the whole environment including theirintuition. The energy between the individuals and others is evident.The characters seem to be knowledgeable about their environment anddo so without effecting the conversation itself. The level of pickingup information is so high among the individuals.

Oneof the barriers to effective listening that was evident is excessivetalking and shouting in the movie. Excessive talking only complementsthe theme as it as a sign of aggression, though it hinderscommunication. To overcome this challenge, the characters need tofocus and only talk when necessary.

Iwould advise the teenager Jason who wakes up to the battle ondifferent listening goals (Chan, 2012). First, to be attentive bygiving the other people who are conversing with him a chance to talk.He should concentrate on the message and block as much as possibleall forms of distractions that may exist. He also needs to suspendissues by exercising patience and suspending judgment on the thingsthat are being said.


Fromthe movie, it is apparent that culture of the characters is Chinesfolk culture (Chan, 2012). There is a mixture of Chinese landscapepainting as well as martial arts fantasy production design. Inregards to the relation of the main character’s culture, thereseems to be cultural conflict as the boy is thrust from Bostonculture to ancient Chinese culture. From this, it seems that the maincharacter’s culture is that he was raised in (Chan, 2012).


Chan,S. J. (2012). The Forbidden Kingdom.&nbspTheJackie Chan Handbook-Everything you need to know about Jackie Chan,344.

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