Application for admission Georgia Tech College

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Applicationfor admission: Georgia Tech College

Choosing thecareer to dedicate your time and life to is an onerous task thatrequires guidance and insight over the options that one has. It is amajor commitment that one would have to stick to for the rest oftheir lives. Passion, determination, and an interest in the careerare some of the primary considerations that prompted me to join theBiochemistry industry. It has been a few years since I made thedecision to study the course and I believe that has been one of thebest decisions I have made in my life. The ability to use science tochange lives and solve critical problems in society motivates meevery single day. I believe that enrolling in your school would giveme the platform I need to become a better engineer who can usescience to continue solving the world`s problems.

My interest inChemical &amp Biomolecular Engineering

One of the chiefreasons for choosing to pursue this career was due to the level ofdiversity that it offers. A degree in Chemical &amp BiomolecularEngineering will provide numerous opportunities in differentindustries where an engineer can work. The medical profession, forexample, is an area where I can apply the knowledge and skills that Ihave learned in the course. Biomechanics which is the study of motionwithin the body and mechanical devices and the transport of chemicalconstituents across biological and synthetic media has been animportant concept in the medical field.

Research anddevelopment in this area have led to the invention of many devicesthat are useful in the health sector. These include the artificialheart and heart valves, an artificial hip and also kidney. Theinvention of these synthetic machineries has solved some of thedaunting problems that people did not believe could have a solutionin the past. The study and use of biomaterials in the medical fieldhave also been successful due to the influence of Chemical &ampBiomolecular Engineering. Biomaterials are the living and materialtissues that make implantations useful (EMB, 2015). Without the studyof biomechanical engineering, it would have been impossible to issuesuccessfully and receive transplants.

Aside from thehealth sector, environmental conservation is another profession thata degree in Chemical &amp Biomolecular Engineering may offer.Environmental protection is a critical concern in the 21st centurydue to its impact on human lives. Biomolecular engineers can researchon new strains of plants and animals. The ability to develop thesestrains makes it possible for them to save animal or plant speciesthat are on their way to extinction. Biomechanical engineers alsohave the ability to create and improve on the mechanical technologyavailable such as prosthetics or orthotics (EMB, 2015). Otherengineers opt to make software and electrical circuits for medicalinstruments. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering will thus offer acareer in creating and developing physical and technologicalsolutions in the medical field. Rehabilitation engineering is one ofthe career options that the degree will offer. Under this line ofwork, engineers can improve the quality of work for people withphysical impairments. The products developed by this type ofengineers such as walkers, therapeutic devices, robots and exerciseequipment are personal, and these engineers are thus poised to workwith the individuals at a personal level. This is one of the careeroptions that intrigue me since I will be able to improve the lives ofpeople with facing physical challenges. Other career optionsavailable for holders of the degree include working in the wastemanagement sector, plastics industry, and the petrochemicals sector.The amount of diversity in the sector is quite attractive, and itwill offer me a chance to choose the career path that intrigues me.

The ability to beat the center of solving real world challenges is also a motivatingfactor behind my interest in the job. While many jobs improve thelives of human beings across the world, Chemical &amp Bio-MolecularEngineering offers the chance to create solutions to some of thechallenges that people face. For example, chemical engineers candesign and produce better plastic products that are not harmful tothe environment. The plastics that were available in the past were amenace to the environment since they were non-biodegradable. However,plastics have some characteristics that make them suitable for usedespite these disadvantages. These include a broad resistance tochemicals they are light in comparison to their strength, flexiblein processing and offer thermal and electrical insulation. Chemicalengineers have thus been able to design and create better plasticmaterial that is environmentally friendly. This is done throughdeveloping a mixture of polymer resins with reinforcing materials andchemical additives.

There has alsobeen extensive research in biofuels where biomolecular engineers arelooking to some of the alternatives to gasoline. With gasoline beinga non-renewable source of energy and prices rising due to an unstablemarket, the study into the alternatives of this type of fuel iscritical. This kind of research may also be necessary in producingmany chemicals that will offer great benefit to the society.Bioinformatics is also another way in which bio-molecular engineeringsolves some of the challenges in the real world. This includes themapping and analyzing the set of DNA that an organism holds and usingthis knowledge to comprehend the standard functions of the genes(EMB, 2015). An understanding of these features would be important asit will help in the detection and treatment of diseases that anorganism will have. A review of some of the contributions of chemicaland bio-molecular engineering to the society reveals that it offersindispensable solutions to some of the society`s problems. Thesesolutions are saving the lives of humans while also improving theirquality of life across the world. I would thus like to be a part ofthis industry to use my skills and talents to develop some of thesolutions to the challenges that humans face.

Despite, all ofthe career options that are available after completion of the degree,what interests me is the contribution of chemical and bio-molecularengineering to the health sector. I would like to apply the knowledgeand skills that I would learn to the medical profession. ChemicalEngineering offers significant contributions to the healthprofession. Through biotechnology, living organisms can modifyproducts, create microorganisms for specific purposes and improve thebreed of plants and animals (EMB, 2015). Modern developments inbiotechnology involve the use of recombinant DNA, cell fusion andbioprocessing techniques to identify and correct some of the geneticdefects in human beings. It has also made bioremediation possiblewhich is the degradation of hazardous contaminants with the help ofliving organisms. The ability to correct genetic defects in humanbeings is one of the most important advancements in the medicalindustry.

BiomolecularEngineering also offers significant contributions to the medicalprofession. Although some of these contributions may still be attheir initial stages, they promise a high level of growth in future.Tissue engineering, for example, is the study and development ofconnective tissues that can be used by humans. A tissue or organ isgrown artificially and is then implanted back to the original donor.This technique is essential for repairing damaged bones andcartilages.

The contributionof chemical and bio-molecular engineering to the society is thus oneof the motivating factors for me to join the degree program in ourschool. I would like to work in the medical profession and createlasting solutions to some of the problems that patients face. Myinterest in the career and an in-depth knowledge of what it entailsmotivates me to pursue the degree course. I believe I would be ableto make a significant academic and non-academic contribution to yourinstitution.

Leadership,progress, and service

In agreement withyour motto, I believe I have shown leadership qualities byparticipating in many activities in my school and community.Leadership is one of the most important aspects of the development ofa person, and I would appreciate an educational institution thattries to integrate this aspect into their students. As it isingrained in the motto of your school, I believe I will be able toshowcase my leadership qualities and skills through some of theprograms and activities you have. In the past three years, I havebeen able to showcase my leadership prowess in many activitiesspanning from sports, community services, clubs and educationalprograms.

I have engaged ina number of sports activities in my current school as a soccerplayer. I was the captain of the school team where I was able to leadmy team to win numerous sports competition and tournaments. As theleader of my soccer team, I learned that the importance of a leaderis to give the team members a sense of direction and inspire them tobe better at their work. Some of the lessons that I was able toacquire from the leadership of the sports team was useful in a numberof future leadership positions. For example, I was also the head ofthe history club where I was able to assist the members in exploringsome of the historical aspects and sites of the country. I chose tobe a leader in the history club since it is an important part of asociety that helps shape the future.

I was also amember of the Rotary club in my community where I was able toparticipate in many events and activities. As much as I was not aleader in the organization, I was able to lead a number of activitiesand projects such as community service where we cleaned the streets.I also joined a mentorship program at my previous school where wewere able to teach and mentor the younger students in high school andelementary schools. This mentorship program gave me a platform toexhibit some of my leadership qualities and help the younger membersof society to flourish. These are some of the ways through which Ihave been able to demonstrate my leadership capabilities in the lastthree years. I would thus be a suitable member of your schoolfacility, and I hope that I will also be able to extend my leadershipabilities in your institution.

Progress has alsobeen a core concern for me since I joined my current school to studybiochemistry. Academic progress is necessary since it shows the levelof knowledge retention that a student has and how they can use thisknowledge. A look at my academic transcripts from my current isnecessary to show the level of seriousness that I place in myacademics. I have been able to show a good performance in most of myacademic subjects. Biochemistry is a rather challenging course whichrequires dedication, passion, and hard work. Despite the amount ofdifficulty that the subject presents, I have been able to achieve arelatively high academic success in my studies.

Good grades mightbe important to me, but one of the things I also value is the abilityto improve even after having poor grades than expected. The abilityto consistently improve in my studies has enabled me to earn a numberof accolades and commendation from my tutors. This has been possiblethrough the number of academic clubs and societies that I have joinedthrough the Greenlight Activities Board. This organization has beeninstrumental in improving my academic progress as it holds speciallectures and events where students meet and exchange ideas withmentors and other fellow students.

My academicprogress has also been partly fueled due to the networking activitiesand events held by my current school. The Students Affairs program inthe school has been effective in enhancing learning both in theschool and outside the school. This has been my primary source ofgrowth and development in my academic and non-academic program inschool. Networking has enabled me to meet a number of professionalswho are currently working as Biochemistry engineers. The exchange ofinformation between the people in the profession and me has beenindispensable as it has made me understand various aspects aboutpracticing after my education. I have also met my mentors throughthese networking platforms and this has improved my progress as astudent and also as a person seeking to advance in the industry. Ihave also been trying to join various associations that may help mebecome a better engineer in my area of practice.

The involvementin these academic clubs, conventions and associations will contributeto improve my academic progress in my desired specialty. I believe Iwill be well-suited to join your institution since I strive to attaina high level of growth both in my academic and non-academic work. Thelevel of commitment and dedication will be imperative in pushing myprogress forward if I get the chance to join your institution.

Service has alsobeen a value that I hold in high esteem. A look at the variousleadership positions that I have held in the past three years maymake it seem that I do not understand the importance of service toothers. However, at the core of being a chemistry and biomolecularengineer is the ability to serve others. One of the things thatfascinate me about a career in chemistry and biomolecular engineeringis capacity to help and to serve others. The career, as highlightedabove, plays a vital role in solving some of the real challenges thatpeople face in the world. Rehabilitation engineering, for example, isa career path that requires one to be of service to others whendesigning and creating equipment that will be useful to them due tothe physical impairments that they face (EMB, 2015).

In the recentpast, I have been involved in a number of activities that offeredservice to individuals and the community. I have been involved in amentorship program where my main work was to provide guidance toyounger students both in their education and in other aspects oftheir lives. Through this mentorship program, I had manyresponsibilities and mentees to whom I offered my service to for sixmonths. I learned some of the most important aspects of providingservices to others. These include patience, responsibility, hard workand humility. I have also been involved in various community serviceprojects such as cleaning the streets of my community.

My current schooloffers opportunities for students to volunteer for any cause or tostart their cause. I believe in being part of such a cause that willvolunteer to help other for at least once every year. The ability tobe of service to others has molded me into a better person who putsthe interest of others before my own. I believe that the best way tobe of service to others is through having a leadership position whereyou can direct yourself and influence others to become better membersof society. The chemistry and biomolecular profession offer variousopportunities for a person to offer their services to others. I wouldalso be of service to others through some of the programs that yourschool offers if you give me a chance to join your institution.

I believe that Ihave all the necessary requirements and capabilities to join youreducational institution. I have a lot of passion and interest for thedegree course that I am applying for as has been highlighted in thefirst part of my application. I also have a deep understanding of theindustry where I will work in and already know that I would preferworking in the health industry. It is safe to argue that chemical andbio-molecular engineering is not an easy course to study, and itrequires a high level of commitment and dedication. The diversity,ability to solve real world challenges and the contribution of theprofession to the health sector fuels my interest and motivation forpursuing the degree course. This passion, coupled with my dedication,commitment, and hard work will enable me to complete the coursesuccessfully and become a reputable professional in the healthindustry. I have held a number of leadership positions that haveimproved my ability to work with other people as a team. This hasalso made a positive contribution to my academic and non-academicprogress. I thus believe I would be well-suited to join yourinstitution and would integrate well with other students.


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