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Generalstudies program entails learning critical thinking and effectivecommunication and interpersonal skills. The course combines subjectssuch as social, biological and physical sciences. I intend to usedifferent, but related study approaches such as effective listeningand note-taking techniques, hard work, teamwork and self-disciplineto excel and be successful in my program.

Selectionof relevant research materials has been a big challenge in mystudies. To improve on this, I will develop my listening skills byalways ensuring that I write down important points that I come acrossin class and the library. Doing this will help me save significanttime for research since general studies programs require that one isever up to date with current events. Research states that the twokeys to success in college are usually balancing and planning(Soares, 2013). I understand that there are tests and social eventsthat require my engagement. However, for me to excel in them andstill score good grades, I will have to complete my assignment intime and engage my teachers in my studies.

Oneof the rules that I have lived on is that it is important toprioritize and avoid procrastination. To be successful in my programof study, I will involve my peers and encourage forming of groupdiscussions. Also, I will work with my fellow students because itallows people to share their ideas and there is a lot that one canlearn when great minds come together. From an individual’sperspective, self-discipline means being honest and time conscious.Additionally, it means being loyal to my set principles. Apart fromthese, I will observe the set rules and guidelines and maintain goodrelations with my course mates and tutors.


Soares,L. (2013). Post-traditional learners and the transformation ofpostsecondary education: A manifesto for college leaders.&nbspundatedbrief), http://www.

Application Essay

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Copingup as an immigrant in my early childhood was tough. I feltsegregated, and whenever I walked around, I felt like everybody waslooking at me. At school I stayed alone, I found it hard to socializewith other kids as I struggled with my accent and my appearance. Thismade me develop a low self-esteem in my first few years in the U.S. My dad noticed that I had changed. He took an off from his work sothat he could help me cope up with the new environment. He took me toseveral places where I could meet and play with my fellow AfricanAmericans kids. He showed me that I was not different from the otherchildren. I had the perception that kids in the church where moreunderstanding than those in school so I never missed a Sundayservice. We went to church every Sunday so that I could beat the oddsby socializing with Sunday school kids. With time I gainedconfidence, and I could even participate in class. From then my lifetook a different turn thanks to my dad.

Mydad was a great football fan. Once in a while, he would take me withhim to the stadium to watch a football match. This is how my interestin football grew. It grew so enormous that I could not resistenrolling as a football player in my school. The transformation wasso outstanding that it caught everybody’s attention because we werefew blacks in my school. This decision marked a new beginning for me.My transition did not stop at becoming a player, but I was appointedas a captain for the junior team. It was a very big event for me. Inever imagine that I will rise to such a standard in this foreignland, but I did. I now believed that U.S.A is a land of opportunity.

Atone time, I took the junior soccer team for a competition. We hadtrained so well that I had no doubt that we would win the match. Myinstincts did not fail me, we emerged the champions and were given atrophy for the team and one for myself. It felt so good. I knew thatI was in control of my life. I now had a different responsibility tomy family and my community. They viewed me differently. Everydecision I made was well thought. My dad involved me in makingdecisions in the family, and he gave me other roles in the family. Iearned respect from my siblings and the neighborhood. They saw me asan adult now.

Thecommunity has given me many chances to prove myself. I now coach kidsin a local soccer club in our State I believe in nurturing talent. I give hope where there seems to be no hope since I know thatsomebody believed in me and gave me a chance, and I will alwaysreciprocate this great favor. This has given me a chance to give backto the community. I do it with all my heart because soccer is whatmakes me who I am. This experience has made not to settle foranything less, but to strive to achieve big dreams. I will alwaysgive my best in all I do.


Oneday, when I was eight years old, I accompanied my dad to the stadiumto watch football. My dad was a big fanatic of soccer. This daychanged my life. I became a great soccer fan, and I wanted to be oneof the players. My dad became my point of inspiration. When I startedshowing my interest in football, my dad supported me to build mydreams. He took me every weekend to play football at a localchildren’s club. He told me that all the dreams are valid, and Ishould dare to dream. He told me to use my gift because it will be away to my success.

Apartfrom my dad, Messi, is my role model. His skills in soccer are stillunimaginable. His talent caught my attention. Messi had a lot ofdifficulties in developing his career. He struggled with financesbecause he was from a humble background. He also had health problemsthat hindered his growth, and he needed a lot of money for hismedication. As a result, he faced rejection since the club could notafford to pay for his medication. Messi did not give up because hewas finally taken in by another a club that sponsored him. He did notallow to be defined by his limitations, he worked hard to overcomethem, and he became the most celebrated and the highest paidfootballer. His financial position now does not mean that he was bornwith a golden spoon in his mouth. This is quite a motivation, despitemy background I know that everything is possible because I amdestined for greatness.

Despitemy love for sciences, I love soccer such that I cannot imagine mylife without it. I have previously played for my university team anda football club in my state. Being a soccer fanatic has defined me,and it is what makes me who I am today. I am determined that mysuccess revolves around it. I am passionate in building my career insoccer and I will appreciate if I will be part of the school soccerteam.


Communityservice is one of the opportunities that allow us to give back whatwe can offer to the places we live in. It gives us a chance to showour responsibility and our love. I love giving back to my communitybecause I like being involved in social activities. It makes me feelgood and proud. Some of community services that I like doing includepicking trash in the neighborhood, visiting sick and the disabled,playing with children and singing in the church choir.

Helpingpeople realize their dream is another way of giving back to thecommunity. It also helps people to know the importance of givingback. Coaching children in our local club makes me proud. I have beendoing this for almost one year now. Every time I see them learn newtricks trying to imitate my role model, Lionel Messi makes me laugh.These kids will be great footballers in the future, and they willalways associate their greatness to my volunteer works. Many parentswant to help their children to discover their talents. They dedicatea lot of time in ensuring that their kids do what they like. Most ofthe parents who come to the field with their children always taketheir time to appreciate my efforts, I always feel so humbled.

Captainingthese children has changed my perspective of life. I never thoughtthat girls could outdo boys in playing football. But, as I nurturethese young talents, I have realized that girls can be the bestsoccer players if they are given a chance. This opportunity haschanged my life for the better. I now fight for the less fortunateand the segregated. I now treat everybody equally and with respect.Our success is not defined by our limitation or sex, but what webelieve. I always remember that if I had not been helped to realizemy dreams, then I wouldn’t be who I am now. I will not rest atgiving my best to the community until I see that the less privilegedhave their place in the society.


GeorgiaTech is one of the universities with high academic demands. Gettingan opportunity at Georgia Tech will instill a great motivation in myacademics and will help me succeed in my professional life. Manystudents who graduated from Georgia Tech appreciate that theirsuccess is basically due to the hard work instilled in school. Thepopulation in the school is manageable such that every student can beinvolved in both social and academic aspects.

Theschool gives many opportunities some of them that caught my attentionis the career fairs and talks offered by different companies in theState. Another aspect is how the students have the freedom tocommunicate to their professors. Moreover, the Health and safety ofeach student is taken seriously, which makes me confident that I willbe I well cared for and that Georgia Tech loves their students.

Myexperience as a soccer player has made me strong and influential inmy community. As a coach of a junior football club in my community, Iam always cautious in everything I do and every decision I make. Mostof the children in my community listen to my story, and they feelinspired. I must always set a good example to my siblings and thosethat I nurture. Moreover, my fight for those who feel segregated andless privileged does not allow me to fail, but always to triumph sothat I will be able to help them without limits.

Everytime I move around and parents walk to me to shake my hands, I amalways humbled. Their blessings are enough to make me fight harderfor the sake of young talents. My dedication to making these childrendiscover their gifts and talents gives me a reason to smile each daybecause I am making a difference.


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